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A Comb Apart

Most of you probably don’t spend a lot of time think about mundane, everyday objects around the house. That’s what you have ME for!  


For example: I’ve been using the same old wide-tooth comb for at least 10 years. I don’t mean the same comb. I mean the same type. Ordinary combs have a shelf life of about 1 to 2 years, tops, in my experience. I use the wide-tooth comb for one job only: To comb conditioner through my hair in the shower. That’s it!  


So, while I was scouring the planet for the best in bath + body, I naturally turned to Mason Pearson. They make the very best brushes and combs in the world. Handmade in Switzerland from the same type of cellulose material that high-end costume jewelry and sunglasses are made fromI already had the dressing comb, which I love and use. Every. Single. Day.  


I made the swap and ditched my pharmacy plastic number for the Mason Pearson Rake comb. The first time I used it, I wanted to slap myself for not switching years ago. Quite apart from its classic good looks, this comb has wide, tapered teeth with perfectly smooth edges and no seams like their drugstore counterparts.  


It feels like a head massage and easily glides through hair with snapping or dragging locks when they are at their most vulnerable (i.e. wet). It’s rare when I can afford to buy the very best version of anything, but when I can; I grab it (and so should you).  



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