Clean Beauty, Inside + Out!

So this year we’re trying to be mindful about all of our lifestyle habits: How we work, what we eat, how much we sleep, how we exercise and of course, a complete overhaul of everything we use on our skin! We just bought the new @goop Clean Beauty book and we have to say, we’re blown away. It’s the very first “beauty” book we’ve seen with a full 360-degree perspective on everything beauty related (including the abovementioned habits). First up: we’re concentrating on eating clean! We’ve already tried a few of the recipes inside and have to admit, they aren’t that bad at all! We’re not saying you’re going to immediately stop craving pizza but honestly, if you can get a few good, clean dishes under your belt, why wouldn’t you? We always start out with the best intentions, but by mid-week (and mid-year), we tend to slide back into our lazy habits and do what’s easiest. The trick is making clean habits the easy option! This book is a first step in the right direction. xx