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How to Clean up Your Hair Care Routine in one Afternoon

Before I even thought about changing my toothpaste, I was searching for a natural, sulphate-free shampoo + conditioner to clean up my Pantone routine.  

That was hard. 

Even the so-called “natural” shampoos that were sulphate-free were still full of other sketchy chemicals. And the organic ones I found at Wholefoods were frankly disappointingIt took half a bottle to feel like something was happening. I was about to give up and go back to CVS when I discovered Rahua on a beauty blog.   

Apparently, their secret sauce is down to an Omega-9 rich ungurahua nut, found in the Amazon Rainforest. How cool is that?   

I’m not gonna lie, the gorgeous packaging stopped me dead in my tracks, I mean, most shampoo bottles are just plain ugly, but this looks like a bottle of expensive perfume! I finally decided to pull the trigger and purchase and I was giddy with anticipation. Would it smell like a weird bulk spice at the health food store? Be flat and boring? Leave my hair oily or too dry? 

Well, let me just tell you: IT’S AWESOME. It’s truly the best natural/organic shampoo I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried most of them). It leaves my dry hair soft and shiny but not flat or oily, and the smell is be-yond. So good. I don’t know how they made a 100% natural, vegan and ORGANIC shampoo + conditioner behave like the toxic stuff, but they managed it. You just need a little bit of product to work it onto a luxurious lather. I only wash 3 times a week, so it lasts me forever.  

I liked it so much, I also bought the Leave-In Hair Treatment to use as a hair mask overnight and the Cream Wax to replace my creepy alcohol-laden hair gel for ponytail days.  

I’m a total convert. Am never going back. It’s a little more expensive, to be sure, but you know what? #imworthit  

And #soareyou 




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