How to fake glowing skin

How to fake glowing skin

I love that gorgeous glow that signals healthy skin. But sometimes I don’t manage to eat, drink, exercise or sleep exactly how I should. That’s why I rely on a few trusty products to help me cheat a bit when real life gets in the way of my best intentions (leftover pizza for breakfast…anybody)? When I’m slightly off my game, I like to have a backup plan. Call it Good Skin Insurance or how to fake it ‘til you make it.

Make Mine Spa Water: The one thing I really do consistently is to drink tons of water. It’s essential to well-hydrated skin. If I’ve had a big night I drink at least 8 glasses a day. Probably more. But I find plain water boring. I like to jazz mine up a bit with fruit and mint infusions to keep things interesting. Spa Water is a real thing. Once you get used to it, you’ll never go back to plain water. Get on my train, people!

I Can’t Workout This Month. Regular exercise is better for everything: my heart, my mood, my waistline, I know this. But do I exercise daily? Nope! In fact, I’m rocking a cast this month after breaking my leg in Australia, so I’ve had to find serious workarounds to fake that post sweat glow until I’m back on the Bellicon. Luckily, my favorite post-exercise beauty hack is easy: I do a morning smoothie with Chlorella and Cordyceps to minimize the effects of the Oreos I might eat later and keep bottles of Glow and Hair gummies on my desk. They taste like candy, but are great for your skin and I SWEAR my hair is thicker since I’ve been taking them. It’s a win-win.

Wash Your Face (The Right Way). I love a good scrub. I used to rub my face raw with an ancient terry washcloth because it made my skin feel clean. But rubbing your skin up the wrong way can cause breakouts, dryness and also lead to wrinkles. Yikes! I’ve changed my ways and my skin is so much better for it. I use a gently exfoliating konjac sponge to resurface without doing damage. Glow on!

A Little Color Never Hurt. I’m from the Old School that believes everybody looks better with a little tan. But I’m New School enough to know that sun damage is real, so I like to get a little sun on my arms and legs, and keep my face in the shade. Then I “fill in” the color with an organic self tanner for an even tan (minus the wrinkles from sun damage). Make sure you dry brush first to minimize dry spots and ensure even coverage. This is an especially good idea in the middle of winter when my skin is totally blah. It just works.

The Good Oil. I moisturize like it’s my religion. I’ve always had super dry, sensitive skin, so I love the new trend of using oils to nourish my thirty complexion. But even oily skin types can benefit from the right oil because it’s more easily absorbed than traditional creams and doesn’t block pores. You just have to use the right oil for your skin type.

Get Your Eight. I know, I know: we all need a minimum of 7 hours of quality sleep. But all that worrying about sleep can stress me out even more (which in turn, makes it harder to actually go to sleep). It’s a problem. My go-to for guaranteed beauty sleep is a nice cup of tea (or a cocktail, depending on my mood) plus long, hot soak with big side helping of magnesium. I use a bath gel with magnesium and then spray more on and finish with a rich body butter to soothe my skin and maximize my chill.

Bottom line? My new mantra for this year is to take it easy and be kinder to others and myself. I’m not always going to be perfect, but that’s OK. I’m going to arm myself with fewer, but better things and make healthy swaps where I can. And if I eat the leftover pizza and have 3 glasses of wine, I’m going to forgive myself and do better tomorrow.

Happy New Year, by the way. Let’s make this one count!


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