How To Get Pretty Hands & Feet At Home

How to get pretty hands & feet at home

Pricey weekly manicures aren’t the only way to maintain beautiful hands and feet. It’s actually pretty easy to pamper yourself with a few basic tools if you know how to use them!


REMOVE OLD POLISH. I’ve been rocking naked nails for more than a year now, but every once in awhile, I like to amp up my sheen with a little foundation base coat for added strength and shine. This one from 10 Over 10 is “8 Free” which means it doesn't have all the creepy chemicals (like toluene and formaldehyde!) found in traditional polish. I never leave polish on for more than a week, and always use a non-drying, acetone free polish remover to avoid brittle nails and cuticles.

REMOVE DEAD SKIN. I like to use a sisal dry brush on the back of my hands and tops of my feet before bathing. It removes all the dead skin from the surface.

START FRESH. After dry brushing, I take a bath or shower to clean and soften up my skin. To get the best results, you’ve got to start with freshly washed hands + feet. If I can’t do the whole shower thing, I at least wash my hands and feet with a moisturizing hand soap and employ the use of a good nailbrush to thoroughly clean underneath nails.

TRIM. I like to keep my nails (and toenails) relatively short. But even longer nails need a good trim about every week or so to keep from splitting and maintain their best shape. Choose a good nail clipper and also get a dedicated toenail clipper. They’re shaped differently for a reason! The best ones come from Solingen, Germany and are stainless steel or nickel-plated.

FILE. I’m a total convert to the triple-cut steel file. It seems like it would be harsher than an emery board, but OPPOSITE DAY! It’s cut so fine, you can shape your nails in half the time with less stress to the nail beds. Buy it once and you never need another one because they last forever. They’re also indispensable for filing underneath my toenails to prevent ingrowns.

BUFF. A professional 4-sided nail block is the secret to looking good naked. Follow the easy directions on the block and keep handy for mid week touch ups. You won’t believe how healthy + glossy your nails can look in the buff!

EXFOLIATE. Hands are the most exposed and age firs, so they need a little extra TLC. After I trim and file my nails, I like to use a gentle scrub on my hands and feet once a week to slough off dead skin and keep my hands soft and healthy.

TREAT. My skin is super dry, so I use a good cuticle oil on the reg to keep from getting rough dead skin around my nails and toenails. I like this one because it’s portable and I can reapply almost anywhere.

WASH AGAIN AND CONDITION. After exfoliating, I pat dry and slather my feet in an ultra rich balm and slip on socks while they’re still damp. If I’m really going for an at-home spa experience, I also do the same for my hands and use cotton gloves while I watch TV for an hour. Heaven!

THAT’S IT. By now my nails are glossy and the skin on my hands and feet are baby soft. DON’T FORGET TO PROTECT THEM! I’m religious about reapplying a good hand cream with an SPF to protect my hands all day.

EXTRA CREDIT. If your nails are thin or weak, take supplements that boost your Biotin intake. It’ll make your hair healthier, too.