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How To Minimize Scars


I Have a GREAT caesarean scar. I do. It’s been there for a while but it didn’t start out that way. At first, I had a very prominent, bumpy red smile across my belly that looked like a giant red gummy worm. But now, the pencil thin line across my lower abdomen is barely visible.

Only modesty (and a much needed bikini wax) prevented me from actually including a photo of it here! I’m proud of that scar. It’s a good one.

What was my secret? Oil. Seriously. Oil is key. I’ve always had dry, sensitive skin, so If don’t moisturize heavily, I go the full lizard pretty quickly.

We mostly start out with flawless, unblemished baby skin. But life, diet, acne, allergies, hormones and the occasional cuts, burns and scrapes that come our way naturally or through a surgeons knife all leave their mark.

Back when my son was born, the options were fairly limited, so I made do with a drug store version that I would be hesitant to use now (and would never use on my face). Now, there are some really great options out there. Which brings me back around to today.

I recently had a mole check at the dermatologist (and you should, too, by the way). He found a suspicious mole on my back. It turned out to be nothing but the price for being diligent left me with a button-sized scar on my back. I’m still glad I did it: Skin cancer is serious. But, I’ll admit that I’m vain enough to care about the skin off my back. So I started searching for a good, healing oil for Bath Shop.

We wanted one that had clean ingredients, but would also work. And it had to be good enough to use on your face for acne scars that would moisturize your whole complexion without clogging pores. We tried them all and found the best one.

The other trick I use is a silicone patch. Admittedly harder to use on your face, but you can cut them to size and wear them at night. I wear my silicone patch all day and then apply the oil at night. It’s only been a week, but I can already see it flattening out and starting to fade.

The trick is to keep your scar clean and moisturized at all times. And stay out of the sun! This is especially important during the healing phase, because UV light can make your scar permanently darker and more prominent.

Gently cleanse, apply your oil faithfully and in a few weeks you will notice your scars starting to fade. Be diligent. Be patient. It will heal.


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