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A Lady Likes a Little Lacquer!

We’ve been banging the drum about Naked Nails all summer long, but we have to admit that every once in a while… a Lady likes a little lacquer!

But even when we decide to get good and lacquered up, we’re not abandoning our 5-Free principals. You can have colored + varnished nails and still keep it clean. We chose to bring in a 5-Free polish range by celebrity manicurist (and editorial Darling) Deborah Lippmann.

Her line offers luxury nail lacquer in super-chic, on-trend colors without the toxic chemicals normally associated with top shelf polish. Plus, her colors are all named after favorite songs, which let’s face it, is totally adorable.

WHAT’S 5-FREE ANYWAY? Traditional nail polishes have chemicals that can be potentially hazardous to our health. Five Free Nail Polishes are formulated without these 5 potentially hazardous chemicals:

1. Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP): A compound often used in plastics to make them more pliable. It’s a known endocrine disruptor that can inhibit reproductive growth and is linked to obesity in some studies.  

2. Formaldehyde: A known toxin that can have detrimental effects on our organs and immune system. The National Cancer Institute regards it as a possible cancer-causing carcinogen.

3. Formaldehyde Resin: Although not classified as a toxin, this formaldehyde derivative is a known allergen (and can also turn your nails yellow with prolonged exposure).

4. Camphor: Linked to failure of liver function and seizers when ingested. Yikes.

5. Toluene: Toxic to the nervous system, can impair respiratory function, can cause developmental damage to a fetus and is linked to lymphoma.

We’re not going to be Debbie Downers on colored varnish for fall. But be smart, read your labels and keep it clean and 5-Free, Kween!


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