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You may have noticed the avalanche of natural deodorant on the market these days. The days of grabbing that drugstore roll-on and mindlessly applying it are officially over.

Natural Deodorants are replacing traditional antiperspirants for 2 main reasons:

1. An (unsubstantiated) belief that traditional “antiperspirants” may be linked to some forms of Alzheimer’s and breast cancer…and

2. The common sense belief that applying a topical chemical that blocks your sweat glands probably isn’t a good idea. FACT: Sweating is the body’s way of regulating temperature and detoxifying. Chemically messing with those functions doesn’t seem like a good idea to me anymore.

My own, personal best reason for dropping antiperspirant and hopping on the natural deodorant train is more practical: Pit Stains. You know those yellowish stains on the inside of your white shirts? It’s not sweat that does that. It’s the aluminum found in antiperspirants that causes staining in your favorite shirts. Sold!  

If you still need convincing, here are some other, compelling reasons to ditch antiperspirant in favor of natural deodorant:

  • Natural Deodorants have great ingredients. I just don’t feel good about rubbing a cocktail of weird ingredients right onto my Lymph nodes. #nope

  • Natural Deodorants can improve skin texture. Essential oils smell great, but they also boast skin-enhancing benefits. Clean ingredients like: Himalayan Salt, Kanolin clay and Alcohol are natural bacteria fighters and also work to purify + tighten pores. Hey, armpits are skin, too!

  • You don’t actually need “antiperspirant.” Call it a chemical detox. Even after years of antiperspirant use, I noticed that my body began to regulate sweat production more efficiently. I started to sweat less (and smell less). I’m a pretty Sweaty Betty, and my face still sweats a lot, but after quitting antiperspirant, I just don’t get “BO” anymore!

  • What about my clothes? Even in the oppressive heat wave we’re having this year, I haven’t once been tempted to resort to antiperspirant. I sweat, of course, but I can still wear my clothes a second (or even a third) time without worry because I give them a good spritz of Garment Groom at night and hang to dry. Fresh as a daisy by morning!



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