The Perfect Blow Dry

The Perfect Blow-Dry (At Home)

Who doesn’t love the body, shine and bounce you get after a professional blow-dry? It’s awesome! It’s also super time-consuming and expensive. Unless you live next door to a Dry-Bar and have a healthy disposable income, a weekly blow-dry isn’t really a practical option.

I had a bad 80s perm back in middle school, which I still blame for kick starting my genetic frizzy hair. Since then, I’ve gotten pretty good at blowing my own hair out, but I need the right stuff to make the magic happen.

These days, there are tons of great products to help you achieve the sleekness of a professional blow-dry at home, but you’ve got to know the basics.

GOOD HAIR STARTS IN THE SHOWER. Make sure you start with a good sulphate free shampoo + conditioner. Sulphates can strip your hair of natural protective oils, fraying strands and accentuating the fuzz.

YOU DON’T NEED A FANCY DRYER. If you have course, frizzy hair, a delicate round dryer brush isn’t going to cut it. I’ve been using one version or another of this dryer-with-brush-attachment forever and they work.

WARNING: Don’t buy this one from Conair: The brush literally flies off the handle when it heats up. Not ideal for the stretch and burn action required to really straighten your melon.

THE RIGHT BRUSH. You’ll need two, actually: One to gently detangle your hair while wet, and another good, grippy one to pull and stretch your unruly locks into submission with the dryer.

IMPORTANT: You have to segregate your hair into 2” (or smaller) sections. If you try to do your whole head at once, you could end up with a big Puff-Daddy situation. Go slowly, use good, strong clips and do it in sections.

ALWAYS USE PROTECTION! Never, ever use heat to style your hair without something to protect it from damage. This is literally the best hair cream I’ve tried. I never want to be without a tube. It leaves my crispy ends soft and smooth. I also use it as a styling cream on ponytail days. It’s like an all-day treatment when you wash it out.

If your hair is fine, try using a good oil at the ends while hair is still damp after washing, then grab that blow drier of yours and BOOM. Silky locks.

GIVE IT A REST. It’s a good idea to forgo hot styling altogether and embrace your natural curls once in awhile. You can still look polished and put together with the right product. This sea spray gives great texture whether your hair is curly or straight.

The bottom line?  A Perfect Blow Out is totally possible with a little practice and the right tools. Invest in some and then take all of that salon money out for a fabulous night with shiny, bouncy, I-did-it-myself hair.