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Save Your Summer Skin!
A season’s worth of sun, salt and sun exposure can wreak havoc with your skin from the neck down. The two best weapons in your arsenal against dry, flaky skin are exfoliation and moisture.

You already know that dry-brushing is powerful, but if you really want to up the ante, you need to add a good quality body oil and a light lotion to your post shower routine.

Here’s how to save your own skin: 

1. Use the oil with your dry brush to “season” the bristles, remove dead skin and prep skin for cleansing.

2. Apply the oil again after your bath or shower (not too hot!) to lock in moisture and replenish your skin’s natural oils that can be washed away while bathing.

3. Blot dry and seal in the moisture from the oil with a light lotion.

When used all together, your skin gets a double whammy of polish + perfecting that you just don’t get with oil or lotion alone. A daily brushing also invigorates and bolsters cell renewal and it doesn't hurt that the skin-plumping effect helps to diminish the appearance of bumps and dimples form cellulite.

Since we’ve been treating our skin to a daily brush + oil + lotion combo, our parched skin looks firmer, less “crêpe-y” and frankly, just younger. We’re sold.


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