The Haircare Edit: Say Goodbye To Bad Hair Days

Hair is a powerful, personal thing. A good hair day can make me feel like I can do anything, and a bad hair day can put me in a bad mood before anything even happens. So, shouldn’t we be putting as much care and thought into our haircare routine as our skincare?

Hair isn't one size fits all, so what works for me might not work perfectly for you. But the haircare products we bring into Bath Shop do work on almost all hair textures and types. No matter if your hair is kinky, curly, wavy, straight, long, or short.

First, let’s start with clean hair. The right shampoo will strip chemical buildup from your scalp without stripping it of the natural oils that keep it shiny and soft. A great place to start is with a good clarifying shampoo. It’s like a natural detox for hair and scalp. The Heales Clarifying Shampoo Bar will remove product buildup on your locks when you need a fresh start.

Rahua is one of the OG’s of natural hair care, and their products are still some of the best out there. Their Classic Shampoo and Conditioner work for almost all hair types, and there are no sulfates, silicones, or synthetic preservatives. If you, like me, have curly hair that requires a little more attention to prevent a full-on frizz freakout, don’t worry. That's what their Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner is for.

Colored or damaged hair? Seen’s Shampoo Skin Caring is your new best friend. Made with hemisqualane (nature’s answer to silicon), it will hydrate and nourish hair without weighing it down.

Styling tools are an important part of any regimen and having the proper brushes or combs are going to make a huge difference. If you’re all about the perfect blowout, the right brush can make the difference between Dry Bar and do-over. The Marilyn S Tuxedo Brush is an industry favorite that was designed to give you the volume and lift worthy of a red carpet. Maybe you have extra-thick, coarse hair? First of all, congratulations! Second of all, The Double S Pro does most of the heavy lifting for you. If you’re staying far away from heat tools, run this paddle brush through wet hair to minimize breakage.

You probably have a favorite sheet mask or hydrating mask for your skin, so why not start using one for your hair? Weekly leave-in treatment is the closest thing I’ve had to a spa day in over a year, and the little bit of self-care gives me something to look forward to. Just throw on a Hair Therapy mask, or if you're really treating yourself, the David Mallet Hydration Mask. The packaging is so gorgeous, it'll feel like your bathroom's turned into a celebrity salon.

On to the styling superstars. A little bit of product can go a long way! Don’t forget a little bit of Blow Out Creme, which is the combination heat protectant/styling cream of our dreams. Heales Restorative Hair Oil is my secret to next-day styling. I just warm up a couple of drops in my hands, and run it through my hair for a look that takes me from ‘just got out of bed’ to ‘disheveled chic’. Finally, forget everything you know about hair gel: David Mallet’s Vitamin Gel gives your hair hold without giving you the dreaded crunchy ramen hair. Rahua’s Leave-In Hair Treatment is half-deep conditioning mask, half-frizz fighting machine.

Once you’ve achieved the perfect blowout at home, the last thing you want to do is hop in the shower and try to recreate a miracle. The SHHHOWERCAP is an easy way to extend that blow-dry, with the bonus of looking like a super-glam Old Hollywood star.  

And finally, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, maybe show a little extra TLC to hair that's not on your head. Fur Oil helps soften hair and keep your pores open, so you can say goodbye to ingrown hairs.