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Scrub like a supermodel

 In my former life as a Fashion Editor, I got to see many a model complexion up close and personal. The one thing they all had in common? Silky smooth, blemish free skin from the neck down.  

Runway models in particular understand that you have to pay attention the skin below your chin. You really can’t show off a pricey gown with dry elbows and a pimply back. Models get that. That’s why they don’t just wash their bodies…they exfoliate.  

They know that the real secret to a completely smooth, blemish free complexion means regularly sloughing off the dead skin and replenishing with plenty of moisture.  

We believe in getting the right tools for any job, so we invested in the very best exfoliating bath mitt on the planet. It’s made from a special silicone hybrid material that resists bacteria growth. The honeycomb texture gently but effectively scrubs away dead skin cells, encouraging cell renewal and stimulating blood circulation (which in turn, helps minimize the appearance of cellulite). Sold.  

We can’t all have the slender thighs of a young Giselle, but we can absolutely achieve that healthy, smooth skin texture. This is one step you can make to instantly improve your skin texture and tone tonight.  




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