Sun-Kissed Without Sun Damage

Photo By Victor Garcia

I’m so ready for summer to be over. Goodbye jean shorts, 100-degree days, and sweating through every shirt as I work in my apartment with no A/C. Hello sweaters, jeans, boots, and pot roasts. The one thing I am going to miss? My summer skin. It’s just better. When my skin is sun-kissed, glowy, tan, and hydrated I just look healthier somehow. I won't be at the beach anytime soon, but I will be faking it through the holidays with a select few beauty products that give me a "fresh from the beach" look, minus the aging sun damage. 

Let’s start with the sun-kissed bit. I’m talking about those perfectly-colored blushes you naturally get after a little time in the sun, or a right after a particularly satisfying workout. It appears on your cheekbones and even a little bit on the bridge of your nose. I’ve been faking that natural flush with Olio e Osso balms, which are a natural beauty cult favorite. It's more of a hydrating tint, so you can build up your color and get that dewy sheen every girl on Instagram is wearing.

On to the glow!  I’ve recently become obsessed with using oils instead of lotion right after the shower. This Salt by Hendrix Body Glow is a body illuminator, which means it makes my skin glow like J.Lo’s, which is one of my personal beauty goals. Plus, the Neroli and Argan oil scent smells sexy as hell, too. 

Finally: Tan and hydrate. I’m not usually into fake tanner. I always end up with orange palms and an uneven color, no matter how carefully I use it or how many paper towels I sacrifice to the cause. That is, until I tried Face Tan Water. This is the key to "no makeup/makeup." It just evens everything out, so I always look like I have foundation on (even when I don't). This is a legit natural product, with no hidden nasties. It does have hyaluronic acid, so it keeps my skin plump and hydrated while it's working. 

And last but not least, sunscreen. Because even in the winter, you should never, ever leave the house without using protection. I tend to use mineral sunscreen, and this Erbaviva Sunscreen is my new go-to. It’s full of UV-blocking zinc, but also has nourishing oils in the formula so my skin doesn’t get that chalky, dried-out feeling. 

So, there you have it. My low-effort, high-impact way of faking my tan right through Thanksgiving (and beyond). It's just another step in my lifelong goal to look more like J.Lo.