The Best Balm Ever. The End.

The Best Balm Ever. The End.

Every dermatologist recommends mineral oil based products (like Vaseline) for eczema and sensitive skin. I’ve never been a big fan of petroleum jelly. It softens and protects skin, for sure. But I just felt weird about a petroleum-based product that doesn’t soak in and just sits there on top of my skin.

Petroleum jelly is water-repellent and not water-soluble which means that it creates a barrier that blocks moisture from leaving the skin. It doesn’t actually add any moisturizing benefits on it’s own.

Enter: Healing Balm by Dr. Rodgers.

Made with three simple plant based ingredients, I’ve finally found the perfect desert island, do-it-all product. Unlike petroleum, the glycerin base of the healing balm actually pulls moisture in while restoring and healing dry, damaged skin.

I use it to protect the ends of my hair from heat damage, around my nostrils when it gets dry, on my cuticles and as an ultra-rich eye cream. Castor seed oil is a fantastic lash and eyebrow conditioner. It naturally nourishes and triggers growth from dormant hair follicles. The skin around my eyes feels dewy and my brows and lashes are lush and glossy without me having to worry about using mineral oil around my eyes.

Instant restoration for the win.


Ally Case