The Teeth Whitening Collection

By now we’re all aware of the fact that the products we use can have a huge impact on our overall health. It’s strange that we can be so conscious about what we eat, use in our homes, and on our skin, but remain so clueless about oral care.

Now is the time to get rid of those whitening strips and that foaming toothpaste because they are full of SLS and chemicals that you wouldn’t even use on your hair. So why would you put them in your mouth?

As part of my effort to clean up my beauty routine, I’ve ditched traditional toothpaste, nylon floss and mouthwash to healthier swaps.

My easiest swap? These beautiful pink bars. They're naturally antibacterial, so I keep several in my bathroom for different uses: One sits next to my bathtub to add to the water while I soak. I keep one in the shower as a soap alternative, and I rub it on my wet skin after shaving my legs as a natural healing salve. I also use it instead of deodorant for detoxifying my underarms once a week.

The third one sits on a small tray in my medicine cabinet. I rub my toothbrush bristles on it after brushing & rinsing because the salt naturally purifies the bristles and whitens my teeth. I haven’t had a canker sore or sore throat since I’ve been doing this (about 2 years now). It just feels really clean and healthy. I love it.

Adding Pink Salt bars to your clean beauty arsenal is of those super easy ways you can up the ante on your wellness routine without even trying.

Now you can try one on us! (Spend $55 or more this week and get a free one added to your order)