This Weird Australian Fruit Holds The Secret To Glowing Skin

Finger Limes are an oddly shaped, but highly prized fruit, native to Australia. Once opened, they reveal a little stash of citrus "caviar" that is bursting with flavor and an amazing amount of high-potency vitamin C and antioxidant-rich AHAs.

On my last trip to see one of our favorite extract vendors in Byron Bay, I happened to be struggling with my usual eczema and dry, flaky patches on my chin. Lisa gave me a Finger Lime Caviar serum sample to try. “It’s uncut. Just the pure extract, so please go slowly and wear sunscreen!”

That night I washed my face and reapplied the serum. The texture was unexpected. It felt a little oily, slightly watery, but wow. Just WOW. It stung a little at first, but then my skin calmed right down and by the next morning, the angry redness on my face had faded so much that it was almost invisible. I was hooked.

I called her to order as much as I could carry, then she told me the price. Let’s just say my jaw hit the floor…and not in a good way.

Clutching my (now priceless) little sample like it was a precious jewel,  I landed back in LA, convinced we had to have it for Heales Apothecary.

BTW: The tiny bottle she gave me lasted more than 2 months. It’s so potent, you only need a few drops.

But rather than diluting it with a cheaper carrier oil, I decided to bring this precious fluid to you, exactly how she gave it to me, pure and uncut.

Our Finger Lime Caviar Intensive Serum is the exact same thing I got in Byron Bay. I can hand-to-heart swear that my skin looks the best it's ever been, my skin's been glowing and I haven’t had any eczema since I started using it.

Is it expensive? Yes. But because of its potency, you only need a few drops.

Think of this little bottle is like a power-wash for your complexion, minus the chemical overload.

If you’re struggling with hyperpigmentation, fine lines, surface breakouts, eczema, dull or dry, flaky skin, please give this a try. It helped me, and everyone I’ve introduced to it is now obsessed with it.


Xx, mlk