Posted by Max Kater

This may sound unorthodox and maybe even a little bit grumpy, but consider this: Every Day is Mother's Day, so she might like a day off for a change!

All Mothers (especially those with young children) spend a huge part of their day doing things for her family. She might actually like the idea of having a whole day just to herself.

Make sure she feels loved and then disappear with the kids for the day while she re-charges her batteries and has time to miss you, then reappear around dinnertime with a takeaway so she doesn’t have to cook. Perfect.

Make sure you ask her, of course. And do give her enough lead time to actually make a plan, see a movie, visit a girlfriend, get her nails done (or even just pad around the house wearing nothing but a hair mask and a smile)! The point is, if you really want to treat your Mom, ask her what she’d like to do: even if that’s absolutely nothing. Just sayin.


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