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HOW TO USE: Boys' Bathroom Cleaner


You know that little sign in airplane bathrooms, politely suggesting you wipe the basin clean for the next passengerThat’s how to use BBC.  

There is such a thing as poop-etiquette (yes, it’s a real thing and we’ve written about it): https://www.murchison-hume.com/blogs/blog/poop-etiquette 

There are many products on the market now designed to mask the odor of bodily functions in the bathroom (we’re looking at you poo-pourri). But covering up odor is only half the story. We’d like to suggest you go one further and actually clean the germs that cause the bad smell in the first place. You wouldn’t skip a shower after the gym and just splash some cologne on, would you? Same deal. Clean is better.  

We’d like to humbly suggest that you form a habit of spaying the seat down after use and wiping it clean with a little toilet paper. This simple act will accomplish two things at once:  


  1. You will leave the seat clean and fresh for the next “passenger” (even if that’s YOU). 
  1. By cleaning the seat, you’ll also naturally clear the air. Two birds, one stone. Well done!  


We designed our products with plant-derived ingredients so they’re safe to use and you don’t have to worry about fuming toxic chemicals or contact with skin.  

If you leave your bottle of BBC ready to use on top of the tank, you’ve got everything you need to take a healthy, stealthy poop. 

Now put the seat down, there’s a good chap.


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