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Premium Glass Cleaner

If you’re reading this, you already know that we make the best glass cleaner on the planet. Our simple formula is ammonia and dye free and just cuts through fingerprints and wet dog nose prints like nobody’s business.  

But when was the last time you cleaned your phone?  

When we think of the really gross, germy places, we automatically go to the bathroom, right 

Wrong! It’s that slippery germ brick (smart phone) you’re holding right now. 

According to a recent article in Forbes:  

A variety of studies and reports over the years have put the average bacteria per square inch on a toilet seat somewhere between  50  and  almost 300  for household toilets and  over 1,000  for the public varieties.  Yet our own handheld electronics harbor even more bacteria than that.”  

Really? More bacteria than a public toilet?! Yep. You’re staring down the barrel of bacteria colonies like: streptococcus, bacillius mycoides and maybe even fecal coliforms (otherwise known as poo). Ewwwww 

What to do about it: Make it a Friday afternoon ritual to clean your mouse, keyboard and all your devices before you head out for the weekend. That way, you’re (literally) starting with a clean slate on Monday. You just need a simple, alcohol based cleaner  


We can help with that: 


It won’t just look betterit will feel better. Plus, you don’t have to worry about holding any harsh or creepy chemicals against your face.  


No brainer. 



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