Reed Diffusers

Everybody loves the instant warmth and romance of a candle. But sometimes, an open flame is just a no-go. Enter reed diffusers. They can go where candles can’t: Attics, closets, offices, and even a baby’s nursery.  

Our diffusers provide up to 16 weeks of fragrant, uninterrupted deliciousness wherever you want it. Just set it and forget it! I like to layer my home fragrance so I match my diffuser to whatever candle I’m burning in other areas of the house. It’s an easy way to take your home fragrance game to the next level. Best of all, our diffusers feature our signature amber-tinted glass as our candles so you can literally place them anywhere and they’ll blend right into your home décor. Nice. 

Do yourself a favor and pick up on in our new Japanese Quince fragrance. It’s our newest star and everyone in the office is OBSESSED with it. It’s a ripe berry scent with citrus top notes over a melon and white floral base. Refreshing and fruity, it’ll brighten any space and get you ready for SPRING!