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Pantry Goals



This is the first step in a two-part kitchen clean out. It sounds easy, but this is a biggie, so saddle up! This exercise is all about streamlining your kitchen cupboards and pantry items.

TIME: 1-2 Hours (plus some shopping, beforehand)




    1. Starting at the top, remove everything, shelf by shelf, and place on the dining table.
    2. Spray and wipe down each shelf as you go, only replacing things you’ll use.
    3. Toss out any weird cans, old spices, moth-eaten Cheerios or anything else that’s past its use-by date. I like to decant everything that can go stale (like cereal, chips and pasta) into airtight containers. They look better than the original packaging and are impervious to moths and other pests.
    4. Get some great looking containers with lids for the non-perishables (sugar, flour and coffee).
    5. Spice Jars! I just saw some great looking (and inexpensive) clear glass spice jars at The Container Store. It may sound slightly over-the-top to decant all of your spices into clear jars, but once you’ve bought the same cinnamon for the third time, you need a system. I’m creating a dedicated drawer in the kitchen to flat lay all of my spices, so I can see what we’ve got and stop buying unnecessary duplicates. These are the things that excite me now.
    6. Use expandable pantry risers or stackable shelves to double your cupboard space and make it easier to see what you’ve got.  

It’s a big job, but totally worth doing. Every time you do it, you’ll get a better sense of what works for you (and maybe even get inspired to create a new dish with sauces and spices you forgot you even had).

Plus, nothing makes your pantry more orderly and Insta-worthy than uniform storage canisters. It just looks so much better than using the commercial containers. When it’s all done and looking clean and organized, I get a little flash of delight each time I look in there, but then again, I am easily amused.


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