Begin Again - The Simple Guide to Cleaning Up Your Act in 2021.

I can’t help feeling a little bit sorry for January. All that New Year! New Me! malarky must get a little tiresome for a month just minding its own business. That said, after the train-wreck of a year that was 2020, there is something wonderfully satisfying about starting the New Year with a clean state of mind. The good news is it doesn’t have to be hard. By implementing James Clear’s Four Laws of Behaviour Change. I found getting started on cleaning up my own home and skincare resolutions a breeze!

Make it OBVIOUS: The problem with good intentions is they tend to be a little vague. So, when it comes to creating better habits, I tend to rely on visual prompts as much as possible. In the same way that I lay out my work-out clothes the night before (half the battle), I find that if I leave my Huskee Coffee Cup and Canvas Tote Bags on the hall table, I never forget them. Both are also excellent examples that sustainability doesn’t need to equal itchy and un-chic! Same thing with my supplements. This year I am taking the Hum Daily Cleanse  (which helps eliminate toxins from the inside out) and also their Red Carpet soft gels because all my good-looking friends rave about them - As long as they are both kept next to the coffee machine, they are hard to ignore. And, in the other cup holder of my car, I keep a bottle of Velvet Glove Hand Cream and a tube of Hurraw Coconut Lip Balm so I always start my mornings well-moisturized.

Make it ATTRACTIVE: When things look good they are far more likely to inspire action – Duh! I’m sorry Colgate, but I switched to David’s toothpaste once I found out fluoride was a toxin (who knew?) And the pretty tube is definitely responsible for my better brushing. since I found out fluoride was a toxin (who knew?) and switched to David’s toothpaste , I’m sure its good-looking, a-list street cred is responsible for my better brushing. I am also pretty convinced that it’s the dark and moody look of the Rohr Remedy range of products that has finally got my husband to start a grooming regime. But, if you prefer your skincare to co-ordinate beautifully, as well as being packed full of Australian Botanicals, then the Heales Apothecary Range is divine – I’m currently coveting the Body Wash (so in demand that I am currently on the waitlist!)

Make it EASY: The path of least resistance? Yes, please! I used to have way too many cleaning products clogging up space underneath my kitchen sink. The thing is, I had always assumed that the only thing that properly cleaned stuff was all that strong-smelling, gloopy blue, and bleachy stuff. Nope! Turns out that I only really needed THREE products to keep my house clean: Murchison-Hume’s All Purpose Cleaner (super versatile, can be used on all surfaces not harmed by water), their Bathroom Cleaner  (eliminates bathroom odors while it cleans-genius!) and their Premium Glass Cleaner (an ammonia-free alternative that makes all my reflective surfaces shine.) I ditched all the bulky, plastic bottles, popped these three multi-taskers into a bamboo storage caddy and have never looked back. Keen to do the same? The Clean Starter Kit is perfect (it includes those three products plus their Heirloom Dishwashing liquid which comes in yummy Fig or Australian White Grapefruit.

Make it SATISFYING: According to Clear, ‘pleasure teaches your brain that a behavior is worth remembering and repeating’. Whilst making a habit attractive (Rule 2) might initially motivate us, it’s Rule 4 that ensures we keep coming back for more. There are few things I find more satisfying than, once a week, having a proper head-to-toe cleaning ritual. I kick things off by dry brushing my skin with the Heales Dry Brush which has bristles that are EXACTLY the right texture (sweep upwards towards your heart for an invigorating feel). I give my hair and scalp a good rub with the Heales Organic Shampoo Bar which is great for eliminating product build-up and making my hair shiny (the satisfaction factor comes courtesy of the tea tree/peppermint tingle). I’m usually too impatient for a hair mask but Davines Quick Fix Circle is A-mazing and works in three minutes flat. I’m also a sucker for an old-school foot scrub and since I was thirteen years old have loved The Body Shop’s Peppermint Pumice foot scrub (cue more tingles) which I use whilst the mask does its magic. I then wrap myself up in a cozy Terry Turkish bath towel , slather myself in Desert Lime Body Moisturizer and hop straight into bed as squeaky as can be.

Wishing you all a very Happy, Safe, and Squeaky New Year!

CS x

P.S. If you want to make 2021 the year of better habits we strongly recommend Atomic Habits by James Clear (from which we pinched the Four Laws of Behaviour Change idea).