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Does Your House Smell Weird?

Have you ever come home from a few days away, walked through your door and noticed that your house smells weird? It's not weird. That's what your house smells like to everyone else!  

It might not even be a bad smell. Pets and people, old wood and dust, off-gassing furniture, carpets and cooking smells all co-mingle to contribute to your homes' particular brand of funk. We naturally become accustomed familiar scents, which goes a long way to explaining why some people can't tell when they need a shower or why heavy smokers don't seem to notice that they smell like an ashtray.  

On the flip side, have you ever walked into a house that had a rich, delicious fragrance? Yep, me too. That's #housegoals right there.  

well-tended home has a signature scent.  I have a friend whose family home is stylish; beautifully furnished and luxurious to be sure, but it's the scent of it that springs to mind first. It's subtle but still noticeable. You don't notice a good fragranceyou feel it!    

A good fragrance is complex: like a combination of expensive perfume and dried fruit. At once musky and tangy, but still deeply rich and clean smelling and it permeates everything from the drapes to the laundry. You can't see it, but it envelopes you and adds to the charm of the space.  

Creating your home's signature scent is at least as important as the furnishings you choose. Like perfume, a good home fragrance mingles with your homes natural scent to settle on a fragrance that is uniquely yours.  

Look for one with a subtle, but deep scent.  You don't want something that hits you over the head the moment you walk in the door. You want to chase it a little bit. Like good make-up, you don't want to notice it, but is should add to the overall attractiveness of your home.                       

Lastly, you can't completely fake it! No candle in the world is going to disguise the fact that you haven't taken out the garbage in 2 weeks or left your smelly socks under the bed. You have to establish some baseline cleanliness before you start choosing you signature home fragrance.  

And lastly, once you find it, don't "save it." Burn it! Like perfume or your best china, these things are made to be enjoyed, not left to get dusty on a shelf! Make it a nightly ritual when you walk through the door. Light your candle, sit down, pour a cup of tea or a glass of wine and just relax. You deserve it.  

Nothing weird about that.  



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