The Easiest Bathroom Reno Ever

The Easiest Bathroom Reno Ever

It’s the little things that count! That’s especially true in the bathroom, where small details like a live plant or fresh cut flowers, a new hand towel and some fancy soap will instantly elevate a ho-hum bathroom. Here’s some ideas for the easiest bathroom reno ever. You can do it over the weekend, no sweat!

1. Turkish towels. A pair, draped over your dingy terry towels will give your bathroom an immediate facelift. 

2. New Hardware: Little details like a new towel bar, hooks and toilet roll holder may seem like a nothing-burger, but they look more finished and are a pleasure to use everyday. 

3. A Live Plant. We all know by now that live plants purify the air we breathe. What better place than the bathroom for that? You can even get live plants on Amazon now, so no excuses. 

4. Nice Soap. Nothing pulls your sink-side style down faster then an ugly bottle of commercial hand soap. Double down and get a matching hand cream and a porcelain tray to corral them, sink-side. 

5. Art. It doesn’t have to be a Picasso. Just take a few artsy snaps on your phone and send it in for professional framing. Original art totally transforms a room and doesn’t have to be expensive. 

These little upgrades have a huge impact on your sink-side style. The bathroom (and kitchen sink, for that matter) are places you use multiple times a day. It pays to put a little effort and investment there.