The Best of Black Friday

Black Friday is here. This is not a drill! Don your comfy pants, grab your wallet, and get ready to bag some of the best bargains of the year!

Online shopping can be daunting and there’s a lot of stuff out there. We pulled together an expert team of shoppers to help you navigate the Best of the Black Friday sales. Happy hunting!

Late last year, I moved into my forever home: The Ponderosa. It started as a joke name because it felt so big compared to the little houses and apartments, we’ve rented around the world, but the name just stuck! I’ve cherished the travels we’ve had as a family, but I always dreamed about setting down roots someday with a real family home, so I feel incredibly lucky to be here.

We renovated an old Spanish Colonial house in the Valley, and contrary to what everyone told me about a major renovation, I enjoyed every minute of it! And why not? I finally got to pick out every paint color, tile, and surface, not to mention every stick of furniture with the help of my friend, Designer, @beckiowens. The visual part of design is fun, but people often forget about one crucial aspect: Scent.

Home fragrance is the second thing people will notice about your home. That’s why real estate agents always tell people to bake cookies during an Open House! It’s incredibly powerful and strongly shapes the way you (and others) feel about your space. We’re not having a lot of guests over these days but building an active Home Fragrance “menu” is crucial to my idea of comfort.

A beautifully scented home is just like a good wardrobe: it’s layered. As soon as I get home (or come downstairs from the Studio) I light a scented candle to signal the end of a working day. If we’re having people over (remember those days?) I light a few candles at least 30 minutes before they arrive, to allow the scent to “bloom” and create an atmosphere.


Instant Pot! Admittedly, this is on every Black Friday list out there, but for good reason. This little miracle is 10 appliances in one. It can slow cook a pot roast all day or get dinner on the table faster than anything else. And in these COVID times, the last thing I want to be doing is spending a ton of time on dinner. I literally stopped typing this post long enough to buy mine on Amazon. 

Thinking about becoming the kind of person who juices in the morning? Think no more! Scoop up this top-rated juicer on Amazon for less than $100 and you can finally see what all that celery juice hype is about.

The cultish Our Place pan is a beautifully designed piece of cookware that is 8 pieces of cookware combined. It's never on sale, it’s always on Instagram, so snag yours before it sells out again.

Every chef will tell you: the most important tool in the kitchen is a great knife. Food52’s best-selling Zwilling Chef's knife is only $60, making this kitchen essential a steal.

Step up your at-home coffee station with these adorable, sustainably made coffee cups from Huskee. Perfect for drip or espresso lovers. They even come with a matching lid to enjoy your cuppa on the go (or take to Starbucks for a smugly sustainable option).

This lambswool duster and this feather duster are the Supermodels of the cleaning category. These beautiful cleaning tools look just as good hanging on a hook as they do sprucing up your plants, books, and collectibles.

If you find your sofa situation is in need of some extra coziness, these faux-fur Pottery Barn throws are perfect way to snuggle up for your next Netflix binge.

Let the games begin! Backgammon in front of a fire with a hearty red is my idea of a great night in. Elevate your game with This one from Sabah. The buttery leather rolls up and travels well (once we can do that again) so you can take it with you. 

The Leatherman Multi Tool might not be the sexiest gift, but it always scores major points with the guys in my family. I have one, too and you'll wonder how you lived without it.

One Kings Lane is 25% off sitewide, so it’s time to get some Juliska flatware and Matouk bedding off your wishlist and into your cart. PS - remember when they profiled our founder, Max Kater? That was fun!

Parachute, creator of some of our favorite cozy and perfectly rumpled linen sheets, is 20% off everything while supplies last. That means sheets, pillows, robes, and towels.

Gooseberry is another ripe berry scent that just happens to go beautifully with Red Currant. They have the same fruity, fresh essence and complement each other so well. Other pairings I love? Sandalwood and Quince. Just like colors, you can go matching, complementary or total contrast. Woodsy and fruity, or floral and fresh, scent is a deeply personal thing, so you have to experiment to hit the right notes for you.

The other thing about Home fragrance is the delivery method. Some are stronger than others, so it’s best to have a few different types to create texture. I think of it like lighting: You don’t want only floor lamps, or just task lighting or a solitary overhead light. You need all three to create a cozy ambiance. Same with Home Fragrance. You need different types!

I like to put a statement oil diffuser in our tiny powder room instead of a candle in there because it would be too overpowering. A reed diffuser is another good option, if, like me, you might forget to blow it out after a long night!

A nice room spray is always a good idea in the bathrooms. You know why. People always assume that because my company makes cleaning products, everything is always perfectly pristine. Nope! I like to keep a couple of them around (especially in the boys’ bathroom). Just in case. That’s where the Atmosphere mists come in. A few sprays and it covers any lingering funk.

If we ARE expecting guests, I like to be my best self. That means prepping everything I can well in advance and then taking time out to relax before people start to arrive. I like to light some incense while I’m bathing and dressing with a glass of wine to get me in the mood. It’s the pre-game ritual that every good Hostess knows. A relaxed Hostess is a good one, even if you burn the chicken!

Ps. Thanksgiving is coming up. I don’t know what your family is like, but I know mine can get…spirited after all that turkey, red wine, and politics. Burning some Palo Santo sticks will clear the air and any lingering bad juju. Better safe than sorry!


This is HUGE news: Your favorite dish soap, hand soap, and hand cream have finally arrived! A global shortage of pumps (hand sanitizer strikes again) meant we were sold out of your favorite products for almost 3 months. They are finally nearly all back, just in time for the Holidays. Phew.

While you’re shopping, you might as well get everything you need to keep your home clean for the holidays. If you have kids coming home and staying for a while, you’re about to start doing a lot more laundry. Stock up on our Everything Laundry Soap, and our Garment Groom to cut down on the dry cleaning bill.

I drove home to be with my brothers and parents, and I brought a whole box of Bathroom Cleaner and All-Purpose Cleaner with me. Mostly because my mom asked me to bring it, but also because I knew we would need the reinforcements with all five of us under one roof. The All-Purpose is always out on the counter to spray the surfaces and the fridge door handles during the non-stop snacking.

Since everyone is working from home, get a bottle of Glass Cleaner to make sure your screens and keyboards stay as clean as your windows.

Bottom line? Home fragrance isn’t just for company. It’s for comfort. It’s something I do for myself, and my family, like a warm hug at the end of the day.

Deep breaths…

xx, mlk

Home Fragrance

A huge part of having a welcoming home is the smell of it. That’s why realtors always make sure to waft the smell of freshly baked cookies through the home during an open house. Our Murchison-Hume home fragrance section is on sale, too!

Sandalwood is the perfect earthy, year-round scent. Japanese Quince is fruity and fresh without ever getting cloying or heavy. Both are great gifts for anyone on your list. But my all-time favorite for this time of year is the English Red Currant. The combination of spruce and ripe berries just smells like Christmas (in a fancy way) to me.

Get a matching Reed Diffuser to amplify the scent of your candle and to use in places where an open flame is a no-go. They’re also a great way to give a slightly more unexpected gift. You get all the benefits of subtle, beautiful fragrances and none of the worries that you’ll burn the house down.

Beauty & Wellness

Some of your favorite clean beauty brands are on sale in the MH Bath Shop, so it's the perfect time to snap up that luxurious little product you’ve had your eye on for a while. Some of our top picks?

The entire Wonder Valley Oil collection, whether it’s the Cleanser, the Body Oil, or the Face Oil, is a green beauty lover’s dream. Plus, the packaging is so beautiful, you’ll find yourself leaving it out so other people can see.

Olio e Osso’s line of all-natural tinted balms are cult-favorites with celebrities and makeup artists. They give you the perfect wash of color, but look effortless. Like you do right after a tan or a great workout.

Summer is a long six months away, and while we’re excited to wear sweaters, we are missing our bronzed complexions. This Salt by Hendrix Body Glow is the perfect way to fake it until then. This is like liquid pantyhose and manages to give our legs a smooth, sun-kissed glow (minus the sun).

If you haven’t started dry-brushing yet, where have you been? This Heales Dry Brush is the perfect brush for beginners. For the more experienced Wellness Warrior, a brush with firmer, bristles is called for. This premium Dry Brush is the business. After experiencing the tingly sensation for yourself, you’ll notice improved circulation and appearance of your skin. Already a dry brush fanatic? Take it to the next level with a Supracor Bath Mitt for the shower.

Take the opportunity to treat yourself this Black Friday to something that will make you feel better long after the sales have passed. The Mirror, a virtual workout with a variety of classes, is offering $500 off for Black Friday.

Another easy way to stay healthy this year? Getting outside! If you don’t have a bike, now is the perfect time to get one. Add this classic bike bell, while you’re at it.

Exhausted with all that giving? Don’t forget to treat yourself! Give yourself the gift of pleasure with female-founded sex toy company Dame, who has 20% off through the weekend. And while you’re at it, throw in some Fur Oil.


I’m obsessed with J.Crew. I shop all of their sales religiously, and finally, their ultra-comfortable, leather-lined the Cecile snake loafer flats are on sale. But there's a lot more than that. Come for the loafers, stay for the cashmere.

Speaking of cashmere, direct to consumer cashmere company Naadam is up to 40% off, which means I can finally get myself a pair of cashmere sweatpants and an oversized cable knit to go with it. WFH, uniform anybody?

You can’t get more classic than Levi’s Wedgie jeans. They make every butt and every body shape look good. And they’re 40% off right now, so get them while they last.

Lululemon has a ton of Black Friday deals, but I stocked up my cart with a couple of pairs of their Align leggings. All the better for at-home yoga, and hanging out during the holidays.

Outdoor Voices has a massive sale on, perfect for stocking up on athleisure staples like the Exercise Dress and matching sets.

Speaking of lounging, this Paloma duster is so beautiful, it can even make sweatpants look chic. I’m wearing sweatpants now, and my jeans and t-shirt uniform later.

Shopbop’s sale is full of finds like perfectly lived-in designer denim, statement knits, and beautiful boots. Up to 70% off!!


The Kindle is on sale, so give the gift of bestsellers to yourself this season. Spending 20 minutes of reading every night will do wonders.

You’ve been working out at home like the rest of us, right? Maybe getting a little sore? The Hyperice massage gun is like having a physical therapist at your disposal, and it can work out every kink you have. Even if you just slept wrong.

Do you have a smart home on the brain? Now’s the time to get your very own Ring at up to %30 off, so you can monitor the comings and goings of your household safe from your phone.

The only thing better than not vacuuming yourself? Not vacuuming yourself, and watching a cute little Roomba zoom around, getting rid of all the dust, dirt, and crumbs in your house. Best Buy has a killer deal on one, listed here.

Of course, this isn’t the definitive list, so be sure to click around! I’ll see you guys on the other side, and hopefully, I’ll be wearing a new outfit.



1. Supracor Bath Mitt | 2. Leather Man Multi Tool | 3. Ring Home System | 4. Naadam Cashmere Sweater | 5. Murchison-Hume Diffuser

6. Lomo Instant Camera | 7. Feather Duster | 8. Always Pan Our Place | 9. Wonder Valley Face Oil | 10. Outdoor Voices Sweats

11. Fur Body Oil | 12. Murchison-Hume Dish Soap | 13. Hypervolt