Holiday Wellness!

Holiday Wellness!

We’re moving into our new house this month. It’s been a dream of mine since I was 10 years old, so I’m a little bit beside myself! People say it’s stressful to move and even more so to renovate, but honestly, I’m loving it. So much so, that halfway through my second glass of Pinot last week, I decided to get onto Paperless Post and invite everyone we know to a huge Holiday party. Oh yeah! It was gonna be great.

Except that 20 days out, there are still wires sticking out of the walls, missing lights and Tradesmen hammering things all over the house. Oh dear.

Am I stressed out? Of course I am! But here’s the thing, I’m going to forge ahead anyway because I know a little bit about Hostessing and even in an unfinished home, great parties can happen.

Here are the lessons I’ve learned the hard way over the years. BTW: I’m repeating these to myself like a mantra every day.

1. Don’t stress! If you’re stressed out, your guests will be too. If disaster strikes and you’re relaxed about everything it will be fine.

2. Shop online. Why, why, why do people still fight the crowds at shopping centers when you can get everything you want, on sale, delivered right to your door? I plan my list in advance and then hit the Internet hard with a nice hot drink or healthy cocktail.

3. Don’t over do it. You can’t do everything, make everything and go to every party, so don’t even try. Enjoy some downtime with popcorn and a movie, do your nails and slather on a nice mask.

4. Take your Vitamins. They aren’t a substitute for a healthy diet, more like an insurance policy. If you can’t manage to eat perfectly all week (and who can?) give yourself a boost with the right supplements and adaptogens.

5. Elevate up your routine. You already wash your face, comb your hair, and brush your teeth everyday, so why not lift your routine with small changes that have a big impact on your well being? Since I started dry brushing, tongue scraping and indulging in a nightly chill-out session (aka bath) my skin looks better, I feel better and I’m a nicer person. It works.

6. Try to make healthier choices: Yes, it’s hard when you're at a party or dining out, but if you stock your pantry with good, healthy swaps, you can at least atone for your culinary sins at home.

7. Stay organized. This is a biggie for me. Nothing stresses me out more than when I can’t find something I need in the house. Set up a system where you have a place for everything (and put everything back in its place).

8. Clean a little every day. This is good advice anytime of the year, but especially important during the Holidays (and so much easier if you adhere to Tip #7 above)! You don’t need a million products. Do yourself a favor and ditch the toxic chemical cocktail of cleaning products living under your kitchen sink and get yourself a simple little kit that does it all.

9. Try and exercise daily: I’m preaching to myself even though I haven’t been to Cardio class for over a month! If you can’t get to the gym, just throwing down a Turkish towel in the bedroom, doing some crunches and having a good stretch will help to keep you feeling loose and less stressed through the Holidays.

10. Sprucing up a bit wouldn’t hurt. A little extra effort goes a long way when company’s coming. Little touches like a sophisticated Home Fragrance, fresh hand towels, some fancy hand soap and fresh cut flowers in the bathroom will signal to your guests that you are a seasoned Host, ready to receive!

You may burn the sweet potatoes, forget the name of your brother’s fiancé, and get your niece something she’ll never wear. Who cares! Learn to embrace the perfectly imperfect and remember that attitude is everything.

Happy Holidays!


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