IF THEY ONLY KNEW: Gifts You Would Buy For Yourself.

I love my family, I really do. But, when it comes to presents, nobody understands the kind of gifts I’d like quite as well as I do! So, every year, I take the pressure off and send them links to exactly what I’d like from Santa, or just buy them myself and make them wrap it! It takes the guesswork out of it for them, and I get something under the tree that I will love. It’s a win-win.

So, without further ado, here are a few gift ideas for things I already love that might be “surprising” (and delighting me) this festive season.

Supracor Stimulate Bathmitt

When it comes to exfoliating your skin, this funny-looking glove will buff your body to within an inch of its life AND reduce the appearance of cellulite. This celebrity-endorsed bath mitt was recommended to me by my friend Amy, whose super-smooth limbs are a testament to its lymph stimulating goodness. It cleanses (think satisfying creamy lather), exfoliates (no mucking about), and massages (yay!) whilst firmly cajoling the release of cellulite-loving toxins. It’s made from a medical-grade material that is eco-friendly and recyclable and, because it’s naturally antifungal and antibacterial, it will ensure your bathroom remains a mildew-free zone. Yes, please!

Shiva Rose Glow Face Balm

I got this Face Balm last year from a friend in California. I am mad about the texture; love the way it deeply nourishes my skin and can almost feel the essential fatty acids doing their skin-plumping thing from the get-go. I don’t know if it’s the Argan oil or the Shea butter, or the coconut oil - I just know that you will want to use it. A lot! The good news? A little bit goes a long way, so on a cost-per-wear basis it’s practically free (especially when you also use it to tame pesky flyaways and smooth cuticles/lips.)

Saya’s Coconut Body Polish

This is the luxurious, delightfully grown-up (and mess-free) version of those coffee scrubs that were all the rage a few years ago. It’s supposed to smell like a delicious dessert, (without any calorific downside). The raw sugar, coconut shell, and sea-salt combo gently buff away the dry, flaky skin, and the Shea butter + coconut oil will hydrate and replenish my dry skin. I’m going to look great and smell like a Mounds Bar right into the New Year.

Nuxe Huile Rich Oil

This is an old favourite, but always a cherished gift! What is it about French women? All that effortless je ne sais quoi!  I might be baffled how they manage it, but I’m not averse to stealing the occasional ‘secret’ – and this one is as cult-status as they come. This oil does everything. Add a few drops to your moisturiser for an extra glow, slather it on your stretch marks, or rub it into your hair for a subtly scented instant shine. It will legit quench the thirstiest skin but never feels sticky and, much like the French women, I’m damned if I know how it works. Only that it does. P.S. It also smells divine.

Crystal Nail File

The sound and texture of a regular emery board sets my teeth on edge, but until recently I was clueless as to an alternative. It was only when the COVID-prompted home manicure became a thing that I discovered Crystal Nail Files earlier this year. I read about them in an article that says glass nail files gently buff your nails while sealing the edges of keratin together. Perfect for shaping your nails between salon visits! I’m hinting heavily for the crystal cuticle stick and foot file now to complete my collection.

Murchison-Hume Hand Cream

Sometime around my mid-thirties my hands started to get seriously thirsty. So, now I have hand cream within reaching distance of most places. In my car (obviously!), on my desk, by my bed, and next to every sink. It’s the kind of product that acts as the perfect prompt because it’s not easy to walk past a bottle of hand cream without stopping briefly to slather it on. This is the only one I buy. Why? Because it’s that damn good (and it comes in delicious fragrances like Japanese Quince, Lemon Myrtle, and Australian White Grapefruit). They are always on my wish list!

Heales Body Oil + Dry Brush

When I want to be where other people are not, I can usually be found in the tub. It’s my happy place. Pre-soak is the ideal time to use the Heales Dry Brush - this fine specimen (vegan, made with FSC-certified wood and sisal bristles) I find it so invigorating! It makes my skin positively glow and has improved my terrible circulation. After my bath (usually served with a side of pinot grigio and an episode of something no one else wants to watch). I’ve asked for the cult-y Heales Apothecary Body Oil that supposedly smells good and feels even better. This combo is the perfect example of a gift so nice you want to give it TWICE – grab one for a friend and another for yourself.

Murchison-Hume Car Diffuser

File this one under “perfect for my hard-to-buy-for friends.” Everyone has had that ancient French-fry or pizza smell in their car. This gift is the Holy Grail: appropriate for anyone, practical AND beautiful! A million miles away from those tacky air fresheners you see at the car wash, this looks like fine jewelry. You just add a few drops of your favourite essential oil into the felt locket, clip it into your vent, and it infuses your car with a scent that dispels unwanted odours. I’ve asked for one, but am also buying 4 of them to give as gifts!

Campo Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

After some recent low-level insomnia, I decided to try this out as part of my new night-time ritual. Talk about a change in the atmosphere! This ultra-chic diffuser uses ultra-sonic vibrations (I have no idea what that means either) to stream pure essential oil and moisture into the air. Thus, replacing the dry, scratchy night time feels with a soft, scented sedative has seen me joyfully hop into bed and start counting zzz’s before 10 pm. An added bonus is that my skin looks plumper and better hydrated in the morning. I’m now hinting for more oils to try– Goodnight Y’all.

Happy Shopping!

CS x