Is that your towel?

I get that comment every time I unfurl one of my Turkish towels in public. At Cardio Barre; at yoga, in restaurants. Every. Single. Time. Strangers are compelled to ask because to them it looks like I’ve just taken a gorgeous shawl out of my bag and thrown it on the floor.

Ever since we brought in these gorgeous towels for Bath Shop (sometimes called Peshtemal, Hammam or Fouta towels) I’ve been using them in ways I never imagined. They are gen-i-us. So versatile. Once you get used to having them, it’s seriously hard to be without them.

Here’s how I use mine:

1. As a towel. I know, duh, but you’d be surprised how many people I know have them draped in the bathroom, just for show, which is totally missing the point! You don’t have to “save” them for special occasions because unlike ordinary terry towels, they just get better and more absorbent each time you wash them!

2. Sarong/beach cover-up. This is the beach towel you can actually wear to dinner. They are thinner than terry towels, so much easier to twist into shape. Plus, I feel like the fringe elevates it a bit.

3. As a shawl or wrap. Perfect for a comfy/casual wrap on a Spring night. They come in so many colors and are so affordable you can scoop up multiples to go with everything you’re wearing this season.

4. Head covering. Mr. Handsome and I are headed to the Middle East next month and I’m taking a few to cover my head or throw over my shoulders for conservative temples or mosques. They’re good to have around and light enough to slip into my bag afterwards.

5. The chicest baby blanket on the planet. This is the one I get most often. Stylish Moms always stop me and say, “Ooh…I need that!” I get it. I wish I had them for my bubs when they were babies. It was hard to find a cotton blanket that was soft and large and didn’t have Thomas the Tank engine on it. No offence, Thomas, we love you…we just don't want to wear you.

7. A picnic basket + blanket in one. The other day, Handsome and I decided to have an impromptu al fresco work lunch. I happened to have my Turkish towel in my gym bag and we just threw everything into it, tied the ends together like a sack and then unfurled it and used it as a picnic blanket. Perfect!

8. A seat cover. Once the weather gets warm, my car is literally like an oven. My seats are black leather and sitting on them is like perching on a frying pan (especially if you’re in a short dress or shorts)! I keep one on my seat from April to October. I always have one rolled in my bag because I hate sitting on restaurant chairs or booths in shorts. And don’t even get me started on taxis or Uber seats, ugh!

I’m not a germaphobe…am I? OK, maybe a little, but they never wash the booths or chairs in restaurants and it’s gross. Nobody likes the sticky feeling of warm thighs and dirty vinyl, do they?  I like to feather my nest before I sit down, so sue me!