The Best Last Minute Gift Ideas

Gift giving is one of my favorite things about the Holidays. No matter how big or small, there’s something so exciting and festive about gorgeously wrapped presents surrounding a tree! We’ve got the best gifts that will delight at every budget, and we even have Murchison-Hume ribbon and gift bags for those hard to wrap things.

Under $10

Stock up on Hurraw Vegan Lip Balm. It's like Chapstick that’s studied abroad. They come in interesting feelings like Papaya, Almond, and Moon. They’re a great little discovery for under $5.

Brass straws are perfect for the sustainable sister or wannabe bartender in your life, adding a finishing touch to their recently perfected margarita recipe.

Ready to blow away the leftover bad vibes from 2020? Lose the bad energy with Palo Santo sticks, and keep your fingers crossed for 2021.

Merchant and Mills Rapid Repair Kit might not sound sexy, but you know how everyone needs to have a First Aid kit? This is a First Aid Kit for managing any wardrobe malfunctions that life throws at us, all in a giftable, tin keepsake box.

Gotten into sewing or needlepoint during quarantine? This pair of Merchant and Mills Baby Bow Scissors is super sharp and perfect for on-the-go crafting. Or for safely removing itchy labels from all of those new Christmas clothes!

Under $25

For the natural beauty obsessive, give them a bar of Aleppo soap, which legendary beauties like Cleopatra used to get clean, smooth, and soft skin. And if they haven’t started dry brushing yet, give them the gift of their new favorite ritual with the Sisal Dry Brush. It’s the perfect starter brush!

This Japanese Picnic Knife and white pocket clippers are perfect for the handy adult in your life. Whether it comes to charcuterie, opening up packages, or arranging flowers, they’ll be ready.

Throw in a couple of Hair Therapy masks and Princess Eye Patches for an at-home spa night, since the real thing isn’t an option right now.

We’re still washing our hands all the time, so save everyone from a season of dry, cracked hands with our best-selling Hand Cream. 

Speaking of washing your hands, an Instagram famous hand soap is a wonderfully luxurious thing to slip into a stocking. Studio Cue’s spherical Golda Soap is a warm, golden color that makes any bathroom better looking. If they already have more than enough soap, what about an Atmosphere Mist in a bottle that’s beautiful enough to leave out?

Have family that spent quarantine perfecting the art of making lattes at home? Get them a sustainable (but still cute!) Huskee coffee cup to show off all that foam art on Instagram in.

Under $50

A stack of super-soft, super-cute face masks in trendy, saturated colors is a great gift this season, especially when they’re made locally in Los Angeles. Don’t forget to toss in some mask extenders to guarantee a comfortable fit! Got masks? These Murchison-Hume exclusive mask straps keep your mask right where you need it, and also guarantee a perfect fit every time.

For the green thumbs, a truly wonderful pair of bonsai scissors will change their life. They’re sturdy, high-quality, and make snipping and cutting branches and arranging flowers a dream.

And for the few lucky friends you have in your pod, stay as safe as possible with a clear face shield, which will protect you from droplets and your ability to drink a festive cocktail through a straw.

Have any beauty obsessives in your home? Olio E Osso’s popsicle-colored face balms are a cult favorite for a reason. They give you a subtle wash of color and can be used on your cheeks, lips, and eyes.

Slip some magnesium oil spray into the stocking of all the yogis and at-home gym rats. Magnesium is an all-natural way of treating those aches and pains, along with a plethora of other ailments.

Any wellness junkie would love to find a Heales Dry Brush stuffed into their stocking, which helps with everything from improved circulation to lymphatic drainage to cellulite! Or, if they already dry brush, help them take it to the next level with a Supracor Bath Mitt. 

A Murchison-Hume Diffuser in a holiday scent like Red Currant to keep the juicy, sexy vibe of the holidays through the cold months of January and February.

The Restore balm from Doctor Rogers will keep your lip, nails, hands, and anything else soft and moisturized throughout the season.

Under $75

Ok, so these are a little bit more than your average stocking stuffer, but there’s nothing wrong with a splurge during the holidays, right?

The new Murchison-Hume Car Diffuser is the kind of heavy, expensive piece that people pick up and ask, “Where did you get this?” The art deco-inspired lines and beautiful solid stainless steel make it like jewelry for your car. All you do is clip it into the vents, and let it fill your car with one of Campo’s beautiful scents. 

Heales Apothecary’s Finger Lime Serum is proof that good things come in small packages. Although the bottle might be small, it’s going to have a huge impact on your skin. Fine lines and hyperpigmentation are no match for this all-natural retinol alternative.

So, we’re not traveling right now. But hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, we will be! And there’s no better gift for the traveler than Biocol Lab’s Wellness Travel Kit. It’s full of everything you need to stay healthy while traveling. The only thing more important than finally being able to travel again is making sure you stay healthy for the vacation!

And if you really have no idea what they’d like, (or have left it really late) you can always surprise them with a Murchison-Hume Gift Card so they can enjoy creating their own present from you!

Happy Holidays xo,