Mother's Day Gift Guide

Just a Heads’ Up: Sunday, May 10 is Mother’s Day. That means you have exactly 2 weeks to gift the woman who gave you life. Kind of a tall order? Not really. If she’s like most Moms, she’ll be thrilled you even remembered. Still, if you want to do a little more than a phone call, it’s time to get your skates on and get (online) shopping.

We’ve curated a list of great presents in every budget, for almost any kind of Mother. Even yours.

FOR THE EARTH MOTHER: This is the Bentley of outdoor composters. It’s easily the best looking, and most user-friendly of any composter out there. Mom just dumps in her food scraps, old newspapers, and plant clippings and she can call it day. No tumbling, no pests, no smell, no worries.

FOR THE MOM WHO LOVES A MANI-PEDI: Her salon may be closed for now, but she can still keep her nail game on point. This super cute Nail Detox Kit is just the thing for dry, cracked heels, cuticles, and brightening nail plates. You can go the full Monty and throw in a manicure kit with the very best basics: A good nail trimmer, steel-cut file, professional nail buffer and Foundation base coat. The whole thing makes for an easy but elegant DIY manicure at home. Major Mom points!

FOR THE MOM WHO LIKES HER BLING: Lulu Dharma Moon & Stars Layered Necklace. Tell her you love her to the Moon and back with this cool, layered necklace that's so affordable, you might even pick one up for yourself. Don’t forget a little natural jewelry cleaner to keep the sparkle on!

FOR THE MOM WHO LIKES TO ENTERTAIN: This Heirloom-quality cutting board is double-sided. The smooth side is ideal for cutting and chopping while the rigid side is perfect for serving. Charcuterie platter, anyone?

FOR THE MOM WHO LIKES A COCKTAIL: Make Happy Hour at Home feel a little bit special with this gorgeous carafe that’s big enough to mix in and pretty enough to serve. Also works for orange juice, if she’s into that sort of thing.

FOR THE MOM WHO LOVES LOOKING AT BABIES: Probably the most unabashedly gorgeous book celebrating Motherhood. Ex-Vogue staffer and Photographer (pictured) Claiborne Swanson Frank. This beautiful (pink!) coffee table book is filled with the most gorgeous Mums and Bubs, photographed in stylishly intimate detail. It’s also fantastic inspiration for your own photos. She’ll love it, but don’t be surprised if she starts asking you about grandchildren!

FOR THE MOM WHO’S A STUDENT OF LIFE: If your Mom has a curious, active mind and loves to learn new things, a Masterclass subscription is a great idea. She can take her pick from online courses with the most notable experts in their field. They have Baking with Thomas Keller, Photography with Annie Leibowitz, and Makeup tips from Bobbi Brown. Plus, there’s a two-for-one special right now, so you can nab a pass for yourself and do a class with her!

FOR THE MOM WHO HAS A SKINCARE ROUTINE: Australian indie beauty brands may not be on her radar, but she’ll love that you think she’s current enough to try one. Show her a little love with a new, clean face serum that she would never buy herself (but will, when these bottles are finished)!

FOR THE MOM WHO’S WORKING ON HER CORE: This is arguably the chicest fitness ball out there. She’ll be amused by it, but then she’ll find using it will strengthen her core muscles and improve her balance. Throw in a chic towel or throw and you don’t have to wrap it!

FOR THE MOM WHO HAS BACK-TO-BACK ZOOM MEETINGS: Color Wow Root Cover-Up might be the most thoughtful gift on the list if she can’t get to the salon, but she still wants to look her best. Just make sure she’s the type who talks about her root situation to you, first, and don’t forget the brows!

FOR THE MOM WITH THE SHOPPING BAG COLLECTION: If your mom is a bag hoarder (and whose isn’t?), upgrade her grocery-shopping trips with these cute French net totes. Major street cred at checkout.

If you're unsure, it's best to go the traditional route. There's not a mother alive who doesn't love a little luxury hand care set and a scented candle. Easy.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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