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Spark (Almond) Joy

The pocket-sized Japanese phenomenon that is Marie Kondo has been occupying the New York Times bestseller lists (and our nightstand) for over 2 years now.


Her books “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and the latest “Spark Joy” promise a happier, more organized life by sticking to her “KonMari” method of keeping a tidy home.


The premise is simple: Throw everything you own onto a monumental pile on the floor, chuck it or if it “sparks joy” you fold it into a small piece of origami and store it away again.


It sounds simple enough, but the sheer volume of stuff in most American homes makes this simple task seem overwhelming. We tried again this weekend and accidentally unearthed another bag of hidden Halloween candy and that sparked some Almond Joy for sure, but that’s about as far as we got.


So, we developed our own Kondo-tweak. Marie Kondo for beginners, if you like. We like to think of it as Fun-Size version of her method. Plus ours involves shopping and candy!


We’ve identified the easiest things to throw and organize to get you started on your new, Kondo lifestyle.


If you buy everything you need this week in preparation for next weekend, you can Kondo all 8 categories and still have enough time to BBQ or take a spin class. JK! More time to get your Netflix on, of course.


Cereal Boxes and Pasta Bags. Opt for handsome, airtight glass containers instead. IKEA makes some great ones. They’re more attractive, easier to store with a uniform size and will keep your food fresher, longer. Plus they’re insect-proof. This should take you about 45 minutes, tops. Once you have everything decanted and stored away, you deserve a fun size Snickers bar. Great start!  


Wire Hangers. You can find great looking wooden ones at The Container Store or Target. They’ll last a lifetime and your closet will look and feel more organized. This is a big one. It’ll take you awhile to swap out those old hangers and rehang everything, but your closet will look a-mazing afterwards. This deserves at least an Almond Joy + a Heath bar mini. Keep going! 


Shoes. Those jelly kitten heels are never going to see the light of day (on your feet, anyway). Donate them to someone who will actually wear them. Tootsie Roll!


That creepy dish brush and sponge. Change for new ones. That takes about 3 seconds, but you did it! Reese’s Peanut Butter cup, Mama!


Single Socks. Keep a caddy for single socks. If the other one doesn’t materialize by next week, it’s not going to. Use single socks to clean a super dingy job (like the car tires or the coffee machine). Then chuck it. Charm’s Blow Pop!


Old Spice. The stuff in the pantry, not your Dad’s cologne. If it doesn’t smell, it won’t have flavor. Ditch it. Abba-Zabba!


Old Toothbrushes and medicine. Do a bathroom cabinet stock take! Replace toothbrushes over 3 months and old and any medicine that’s expired. You might need a glass of water or cup of tea by now. Have you eaten lunch yet?


Old magazines and newspapers. This sounds simple enough, but be careful: it’s super easy to fall into old issues of Elle DÉCOR and Oprah. Stay strong and recycle. Back to Almond Joy. You did it! Better take a walk to burn off that sugar. xx

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