Let's Talk About Oral

Nothing kills a romantic vibe faster than garlic breath or a chronic case of Halitosis. Ugh.

This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself (and your S/O) to a healthier mouth and improve your overall Wellness in the process by committing to an Oral Care upgrade. Many of us have already swapped out our traditional skincare products for cleaner versions. Ironically, we tend to forget about the stuff we put in our mouths.

The science suggests a direct link between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. It's not just about bad breath. Poor oral hygiene is associated with many illnesses from heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and even stroke. Yikes!

You already know the basics: Eat well, avoid smoking, too much drinking, and get regular dental checkups. But most people are on autopilot when it comes to their dental routine. So where to start?

1. Get a new toothbrush. When was the last time you changed yours? The Center For Disease Control (CDC) suggests a new one every 3 to 4 months. We swapped our plastic brush for a bamboo version to avoid contributing to the dreaded plastic pollution toothbrushes cause all over the world.

2. Use better toothpaste. That foamy, minty freshness you get from your regular toothpaste is actually SDS (a chemical foaming agent). You’ve already taken it out of your skincare products, so why are you putting it in your mouth? We’d like to suggest an upgrade.

4. Floss after each meal. You heard us. Food and bacteria trapped between teeth is a major cause of tooth decay (and bad breath). I keep a little packet of this floss on me at all times. It’s worth a quick trip into the bathroom after lunch to keep my gums healthy.

5. Scrape your tongue. You know that white, pasty stuff that you see on your tongue sometimes? Yeah, that’s bacteria. Tongue scrapers have worked their way from the Goop-y fringe into the mainstream because they are the most efficient way to remove bacteria from your mouth. I’ve been using this one since last summer and haven’t had a sore throat or gotten sick since!

6. Use a mouthwash. Most people use them for fresher breath, but mouthwash is a great way to bolster the effects of brushing and flossing. It’s also handy to do first thing in the morning to banish morning breath.

It’s time to give your mouth the same attention you give your skin. We think a meaningful gift includes one that takes care of health (and heart).

Happy V-Day Lovers!