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What To Do with those Leftover Pumpkins (a Thanksgiving idea)

For anything to do with entertaining, we like to check out what our friend @jennikayne is up to. She's a Los Angeles based fashion designer, but she's also a formidable Hostess and budding Lifestyle Guru and she's got that whole California laid-back elegance thing down pat. This year, we took a page from her notebook and found a DIY version of those amazing pumpkin centerpieces she had from @RollingGreens a few years back. The Girls over at @simplyhappenstance really broke it down for us, with easy step-by-step instructions, but here’s our lazy-girl version:


Gather your supplies:

  1. Uncut pumpkins
  2. Cut succulents (more than you think)
  3. Sheet moss
  4. Newspaper
  5. Glue gun
  6. Spray adhesive (seriously important)
  7. Disposable gloves are a good idea.


Lay everything out on the newspaper. Spray only the top of pumpkin. Smooch the moss onto the top of the pumpkin. Heat the glue gun and glue each succulent cutting wherever it looks good. We cut ours really short because tall centerpieces annoy us.

Stand back and marvel at your creative genius. This is seriously the easiest and most satisfying crafting project we’ve ever done. And we don’t know how to craft anything.


Happy dance.


This is how the experts do it:

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