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When Summer Bites


The worst part about summer (other than the part where it ends) is insect bites. We’re still in the Dog Days of Summer, which means we’re outside for another THREE months before the ticks and mozzies stop making a meal out of us.

We’re really all about cleaning up our beauty routine, so dousing ourselves with the creepy chemicals found in conventional bug spray just isn’t in the game plan. On the other hand, we’re also not down with scratching endless bites until Halloween. So what to do? We’ve done the research so that you won’t have to!

There are a few super effective things you can do to minimize the bites (and eventual scarring from scratching said bites):

  • Cover up! Minimize exposed skin vulnerable to bugs. Wear long sleeves, pants instead of shorts, sneakers instead of sandals, (especially in long grass) or at sunset when the little buggers are really out in force.
  • Burn Citronella coils outside. Citronella is a natural essential oil with a light, lemony fragrance that insects hate. A few strategically placed coils will keep the flies and mozzies at bay.
  • Buy a Better Bug Spray: We want to enjoy every last late summer night, so we’ve brought in the best line of defense. Formulated with lemon eucalyptus and other essential oils, this organic repellant repels mosquitos, ticks, and other critters without having to worry about the side effects of harsh chemicals on your skin.
  • Go all “Out of Africa” and get a proper Mosquito Net! A real cotton mosquito net is more than just a romantic affectation. In some countries it’s a literal lifesaver! If you like the windows open at night, but don’t want to be on the menu, this is a great way to go. We use one in summer and even spray the net with our natural bug spray as a double defense against bites.

See you out there!


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