Laundry Mistakes You Might Be Making

Laundry Mistakes You Might Be Making

Laundry processes have come a long way from days of washboards and clotheslines. Thankfully for us all, modern technology has made laundry a lot more thoughtless and a whole lot easier. As easy as the machines have made it for us, there's still certain precautions we need to be taking to assure our clothes stay looking new.  

Based on a very informal office poll, there's a pretty high chance that you’ve been doing it wrong. Sure, the clothes appear clean and the lint trap has been cleared, but there's actually a few small common mistakes you're most likely making. Some might even have long-term effects on your clothes—or your pricey appliances.

Ahead, laundry mistakes stop making ASAP. 

Waiting To Transfer Clothes 

Why nobody has invented the one-piece washer-dryer, where clothes can transfer themselves from one machine to another, is still a mystery to me. But until that magical day comes, it's crucial you transfer your clothes from the washer to the dryer as quickly as possible. Lest they hang out in the damp washer and develop mold, mildew, or other unwanted smells.   

Don’t Skip Pre-Treating 

In a perfect world, our favorite laundry detergent would be able to magically remove even the toughest of coffee stains, but that’s not always the case—especially if you’ve given the stain ample time to set in. want to make sure any of those accidental spots or spills are actually removed? Be sure to pre-treat your clothes with a stain-fighter before tossing them in the wash. I promise your clothes will come out as if they've been dry cleaned. (Plus, its botanical scent of just-cut greens and herbs is a bonus.)  

Shrinking Your Clothes 

We’re not proud of it, we’ve all done it and from time to time you may still be guilty of the shrink. It’s okay, I have the solution—but if you've become accustomed to washing your clothes on the hottest setting possible, it’s time to retrain your brain. That setting should only be used to wash heavily soiled items- the loads that could possibly become breeding grounds for bacteria. Everything else should be on cold or warm. An additional plus, you’ll probably reduce your energy costs by not constantly using the hottest temperature anymore. 

Not Cleaning Your Machine 

It's been advised that you know you should be cleaning your washing machine at least once a year—but have you ever actually ever gotten around to it? It’s easy to forget. Check out our guide to washing all the machines in your house, and then actually take the time to do it. You’ll see a difference, trust me.  

Not Upgrading Your Experience 

Amidst doing such a mundane task like laundry, who says you can’t add a few small pieces to elevate the experience? Adding this minimalist, sleek brass funnel and chic porcelain cup to my designated laundry area has instantly upgraded my laundry routine.  A few specialty products to make the job easier like Leather Cleaner and Garment Groom. Oh, then replace that unsightly bulk container of detergent pods with a chic bottle of laundry soap. 


At the end of the day, if you’re going to be stuck with laundry duty, you might as well enjoy it!


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