What's New At Murchison-Hume

What's New At Murchison-Hume

If you’re like us (and if you’re reading this, you probably are) you like to see both beauty and utility in everything you bring home. Case in point: You need a dish rack. Why not make a super functional, great-looking one from Japan? We have some new products that solve everyday household problems, but…they do it with style.

Here’s the latest:

Large Porcelain Tray

A tray is the easiest way to make something look like it belongs there. Our new, large format porcelain tray elegantly makes that point. We love it in the Kitchen to house our Dish Soap, Hand Soap, and Hand Cream, but it looks just as good on a bathroom shelf holding our favorite skincare products. Or on the nightstand to keep jewelry and a hot cup of tea. Or in the entryway to corral keys and loose change. You get the idea.

Yamakazi Dish Rack

This supermodel dishrack has all the usual compartments for cutlery, reusable straws, etc. But apart from its show-stopping good looks, it also boasts a secret self-draining spout that drains directly into the sink. Brains and beauty. Our favorite combination.

Salt & Stone Deodorant

The aluminum in antiperspirant is what stains your white shirts yellow, not your sweat. That alone was reason alone for us to start using natural deodorant. Forget the weird, chalky stuff.  The Salt & Stone deodorants have facial-quality ingredients like hyaluronic acid, so they’re more like skincare for your armpits!

Mountain Ocean

Mountain Ocean’s iconic Skin Trip lotion is an extreme moisturizer. This coconut classic has been around for a reason: It seriously works. Originally designed for skiers and hikers to protect their skin from the elements, it’s great even if the most extreme thing you’ve done lately is shower. You’re going to love how silky smooth this makes your skin feel. Plus, the coconut smell gives the bathroom major vacation vibes.

They even have cocoa butter oil, for all the mamas (and people who don't like stretch marks or fragranced oils).

And watch your mouth! Lip Trip is a beeswax-based balm with an SPF that physically blocks wind and weather from chapping lips. It even tastes good, thanks to the natural vanilla flavor and peppermint oils. And at $6, you can buy one for every purse, car, and desk drawer you have.


Like you, I had an old-fashioned, bonnet-with-a-frill-shower-cap that I never used. It wasn’t the sheer dorkiness of it that I objected to, it was more the deafening roar of the water hitting it that I couldn’t stand. Shhhowercap is the traditional shower cap’s cooler, younger sister. It’s less of a “bonnet,” and more like a chic waterproof turban. The technical material is "Shhh" quiet and also saves my blow-dry, which makes it both glamorous AND practical. There it is again, our favorite combo.



It’s the little things…


xx, mlk