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Living intentionally and mindfully is a great way to live. In past blogs, we discussed how to design and declutter your home to enable an intentional lifestyle. This attitude can and should permeate every aspect of your life. This can include choosing eco-friendly products for cleaning your home that are free of harsh chemicals. In our modern world, the word “chemical” has taken on a negative connotation, and that’s just silly because everything is made of chemicals. It’s the harsh chemicals, with unintended consequences, that need to be avoided—not chemicals in general, since everything is made of chemicals. In most cleaning products, you will find lots of synthetic, non-biodegradable substances that are bad for the earth and not safe for people and pets. Murchison-Hume has made the intentional decision to avoid this category of chemicals and stick with eco-friendly ingredients. You may already know that Murchison-Hume cleaning products are plant-based, eco-friendly, and in this week’s blog, we will explore what is not in our cleaning products.


  • This is a class of synthetic preservatives commonly found in cosmetics, shampoo, and personal care products. Beginning in the 1950s, parabens have been widely used in many household products. In fact, according to an article in Scientific American, “90 percent of typical grocery items contain measurable amounts of parabens.”
  • The dangers that parabens pose are that they “...are known to disrupt hormone function, and effects that are linked to increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity.”
  • Murchison-Hume doesn’t use parabens as preservatives. Instead, we’ve chosen to use a non-paraben, highly effective, broad-spectrum fungicide and bactericide. This maintains product safety even at the extremely low concentrations (.05%) by preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi.


  • Phthalates are a group of chemicals that are used in plastic and vinyl products to increase their flexibility. They are commonly found in soft baby toys, shower curtains, and are used as stabilizers in personal care products that have fragrances including lotions and creams.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics published an article stating that infants exposed to infant care products, specifically baby shampoos, baby lotions, and baby powder, showed increased levels of phthalate metabolites in their urine.
  • The dangers of phthalate exposure, while unclear, seems to point to effects associated with endocrine interrupters. Endocrine interrupters have been connected to birth defects that cause cancerous tumors, affect the reproductive organs, and cause developmental disorders.
  • Our product packaging is phthalate-free. Our stylish bottles are made of PET, which is a BPA- and phthalate-free material. All our ingredients are also phthalate-free.


  • Usually associated with embalming, formaldehyde is also used extensively in household items. You can find this common chemical in wood cabinets, pressed wood, and grocery bags and cosmetics, deodorants, shampoo, and fabric dyes. It is used as a preservative in these products.
  • The danger with formaldehyde comes during a process called off-gassing. Products release this colorless but pungent gas, and it is inhaled by people and can cause respiratory irritation. It is also a known carcinogen.
  • Murchison-Hume products are all formaldehyde-free.

So what are Murchison-Hume products made from?

  • Since we’ve told you what is not in our cleaning and personal care products, it makes sense that you’d wonder what indeed is in our products! We are committed to full disclosure and, we warn you, we can get pretty excited about all the wonderful natural ingredients that go into our eco-friendly cleaning and personal care products.
  • Our personal care products are made with shea butter, grape seed oil, chamomile extract, and essential oils. These natural ingredients moisturize without feeling greasy and have a natural, invigorating scent.
  • Our cleaning products are also made of eco-friendly products, most being 98% naturally derived. All ingredients are listed on each product page.

Cruelty-Free too!

  • Did you know that, in addition to being eco-friendly and packaged in phthalate- and paraben-free bottles, all our products are also cruelty-free? No products were tested on animals. For this reason, we recommend exercising caution when using and keep all products away from eyes and avoid ingesting it in any way.

We started this blog by talking about living intentionally and for us, this extends to working intentionally on our cleaning and personal care products that are made expressly to be eco-friendly, people and pet safe, and to do the job they are designed for with effectiveness and we love that our products do that while looking and smelling great, too! You can clean your home with plant-based cleaning products knowing you are keeping your family and pets safe from harsh chemicals. Shop for yours today for your own home and don’t forget that a cleaning kit makes a great gift, too!


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