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Authentic Stoneware Crockery

Authentic Stoneware Crockery

We’re in the middle of renovating an Old Spanish Colonial house in Los Angeles. I’ve been longing to renovate my own kitchen for over 20 years, so am giddy with anticipation! We’re still in our rental, so I haven't forgotten how little things like accessories can make a huge impact, whether you own, rent, or are just waiting to renovate.

These stoneware crocks are my surrogate new kitchen right now. I use them to hold everything from pink rock salt + pepper berries to coffee and utensils. I put them on a huge reclaimed wood breadboard, which partially hides the 1990s era laminate counter and ugly (burgundy!) tiles in my rental kitchen. It’s all about tricking the eye into focusing on the pretty and hiding the not-so-pretty for me.

These crocks are practical, of course, but they’re just so damn pretty! I’m not kidding when I say that every time I see or use them; they make me 30% happier and can almost make me forget about having a new kitchen for a day.

They come in three classic colors: Matte Black, Glazed Flour and Matte Terra Cotta. You can buy them in matching sets, but I like to mix them up. They look great together.

They’re not cheap, but if you’re planning your dream kitchen, they are a good investment and a pleasure to use until that dream comes true. And if you’re lucky enough to already have your dream kitchen, it deserves beautiful storage like this.

My top styling tip: Don’t do matching pairs. Buy them in odd numbers (3 or 5) in varying sizes and colors. The eye has to travel!


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