Wellness Beauty Weekend!

Model-Ginney Gardener, Photo by Treavor Hoehne

I’m really not the Pollyanna type. In fact, normally I’m more of a Worst Case Scenario type of Gal on the main. However, when the poop really does hit the fan, I’m all about the upside! I’m complicated, what can I tell you?

So instead of sitting around watching CNN, freaking out about Coronavirus, and guzzling the rest of the Two Buck-Chuck, I’m choosing to take advantage of being at home by doing a Wellness Beauty Weekend! Yay! See? Upside.

Most of these are little things that I've started to do on the daily. And I can honestly tell you they work. They make me feel better, look better and I’ve rarely suffered so much as a cold since I’ve started doing them!

Beauty is Wellness, people!

Rebounding. This has changed my life. I kid you not! Even on my laziest-hungover-I-can’t-be-bothered-to-workout, days, I can do this! I started with a cheaper version on Amazon, used that for 2 years, sold it and upgraded to the Bellicon.

I follow the Lauren Roxburgh method. They don’t call her “The Body Whisperer” for nothing! I got the foam roller, bought the book, the whole nine. It has literally transformed my body and mind. I highly recommend it.

Dry-Brushing. If you haven’t heard about or tried Dry-Brushing yet, Welcome To Planet Earth! You’re going to love it. There are so many benefits to this practice but for me there is only one worth mentioning: It makes your skin look and feel better! Start with the beginner’s Dry Brush and then work your way up to the more advanced version. Pair it with a great Body Oil and your complexion from the neck down will thank you for it!

Tongue scraping. Two years ago, I would have put this in too-hard basket. Not now! Tongue scraping not only freshens your breath all day long, it also removes that gross, white stuff from your tongue (AKA BACTERIA) that makes you sick. I follow up by brushing with fluoride-free toothpaste and a swish of Dr. Ginger’s Coconut Mint mouthwash (so good, you’ll want to drink it). Oh! And I always rub my (bamboo) toothbrush on a Himalayan Pink Salt Bar to clean it until I use it again.

The Triple Cleanse. Most of you will have heard of “double cleansing.” That is, washing your face by first removing your makeup before washing it. Hence, the double cleanse. Well, I’ll see your double and raise you a triple. I’ve started doing an intermediate step that has really brightened my completion. It’s called Face Vinegar. I know…sounds about as appealing as an ingrown toenail, but it works!

After removing my makeup (always use an unscented oil) I use a cotton round and sweep it all over my face and eye area before cleansing. BTW: I always use a mild cleanser (nothing too foamy) with a Konjac sponge. Washing with fingertips alone is like showering without using soap…basically pointless.

I follow cleansing with a booster serum by day, topped off by Erbaviva, facial sunscreen. At night, I finish with a hydrating oil and Shiva Rose's glow face balm to seal it in. If I’m staying in (and who isn’t) I might also slap on a Hair Mask and Honey Facial Mask before finishing with the balm.

Beauty Supplements. Back in my Beauty Editor days, there were a few companies (mostly obscure European ones) that sold “skin-enhancing supplements.” I mostly disregarded those as snake oil. Guess what? I take them now. My Father-in-Law is a medical doctor and thinks it’s the placebo effect that’s actually working. I’m good with that! If it tastes like a gummy bear and also helps to keep more hair on my head...I'm buying.

Natural Methods. I'm also starting to incorporate easily approachable exercises into my daily routine. I've been using the 4-7-8 breathing method to help reduce anxiety and improve my mindfulness. In addition, I've also begun taking cold showers daily. I know. Believe me, they are difficult to adjust to. However, the Wim Hoff method suggests that cold showers can aid in boosting your immune system! So important right now.

Some of these things might seem super-Goop-y to you at first, but trust me when I say, you will start to see the point of them very quickly. Maybe the most important thing about adopting these healthier products and practices is that they remind you to care for yourself with intention. And that’s always a good thing.

Stay safe, stay well (and stay home)!



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