aleppo soap for sensitive skin
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Aleppo Soap for Sensitive Skin

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Aleppo soap is the original beauty bar. This bar is a genuine Aleppo soap, made by traditional method, just as it was for over 2,000 years. Wild harvested olives and laurel berries, are boiled down, pressed and left to naturally age and set for up to 9 months until it achieves its natural golden color. The olive oil imparts unparalleled softness and richness and laurel offers natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Perfect for babies and people with dry or sensitive skin.

This bar has a premium 20% Laurel Oil input + 80% Olive Oil and lasts approximately 3 x longer than synthetic soap.

SIZE: 200grams

TO USE: Use just like ordinary bar soap. Let dry out of moisture or direct sunlight.

Wild harvested olive oil, laurel oil, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) and water.

100% Natural and FREE FROM: Synthetic fragrance, preservatives and coloring agents.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Cosgrove
buy this soap

we continue to use this soap and continue to save money and have great results. we tried other aleppo soaps and find this one the best.

Mark Cosgrove
aleppo soap wins again

We refuse to use any other soap. Cannot think of one bad thing to say about this soap. We have been using this soap for a long time, and we know that this is the one for us. Put your money to good use and buy this soap.

Barbara Hamme
Great value👍

Just don’t drop it on your foot‼️Very nice, gentle soap, but at the size of a small brick, it’s potentially’lethal’ if dropped on a toe!

Mark Cosgrove
the winner!

we have reviewed this soap many times now. still can't say enough good things about it. fairly priced and easy to use for all your hair and body needs. one-stop soap/shampoo/conditioner. we did try other brands and this on beats them all hands-down.

Mark Cosgrove
all-in-one soap

body, face, soap for all three. of all the aleppo soaps we have tried...this is our keeper from now on...hands down!
try will like it.

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