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You already know that dry brushing is a powerful weapon in your fight against aging skin. But if you really want to up the ante, you need to add a good quality body oil into that mix. 

All-natural body oil should be used two ways: 

1. As a pre-cleanse with your dry brush to “season” the bristles and prep skin for cleansing. 

2. And after your bath of shower to lock in moisture and replenish your skin’s natural oils that can be washed away while bathing.

When used together, your skin gets a double whammy of polish + perfecting that you just don’t get with lotion alone. A daily brushing invigorates and bolsters cell renewal and it doesn't hurt that the skin-plumping effect helps to diminish the appearance of bumps and dimples from cellulite. 

Since we’ve been treating our skin to a daily brush + oil combo, our skin looks firmer, less “crêpe-y” and frankly, just younger. We’re sold. 

WHY WE LOVE IT: We chose Olive + M because of it’s 100% natural blend of active fruit & seed oils. Plus, the grapefruit + bergamot essential oils leave our skin refreshed and smelling of summer!

Bare legs and arms are just around the corner. Get ready to glow.

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One of my FAV skin products!

I recently got a sunburn a few weeks ago. (I know, it was unintentional) I really try to take care of my skin, but I was out on a boat for one too many hours. Anyways, I was super worried about my skin being distressed and peeling so I used Olive + M’s Body Oil and to my surprise it soothed my burn and made it so that my skin didn’t peel! I put it on in the morning under my clothing and I thought it would leave a greasy residue on my clothes, but it didn’t. I use this Body Oil every day regardless, but I found it amazing that it did such a great job undoing some of the sun damage to my skin. I love love love this product!


Favorite Body Oil!!

I absolutely love this Body Oil!! I have tried so many high-end body oils as I prefer them over lotion. This one wins over all of the others. It soaks into my skin leaving it feeling moisturized but not greasy. I wear this daily and travel with it everywhere!! I've also found this to be REALLY replenishing for aftersun care re-hydrate my skin.


LOVE This Stuff!

I have always hated that sticky feeling that lotion left on my skin, but this body oil has changed everything! Now I actually look forward to moisturizing my skin when I hop out of the shower. I like to put a little extra on the ends of my hair as well because it smells SO good! No sticky feeling or residue either, just velvety soft skin that smells amazing. I even use it as a bath oil too!