Shampoo/Conditioner Co-Wash


WHAT IT IS: A daily use, but totally luxurious shampoo and conditioner in one, that leaves hair soft and beautiful.  

WHY WE LOVE IT: Because it saves us time in the shower and smells like HEAVEN. We are seriously addicted to the Juniper + Pomegranate scent.

HOW TO USE IT: Massage desired amount into hair and scalp, let it set for 1-2 minutes for maximum result and then rinse.

GOOD TO KNOW: It’s actually made for kiddoes, but we love it, too! Made with Tremella, Goji Berry, and Ginger! Free of those harsh chemicals like Parabens, Sulphates, and Phthalates.


Pediatrician and Acupuncturist recommended.

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