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Sculptural Cast Iron Incense Burner


WHAT IT IS: Sculptural Cast Iron Incense Burner

WHY WE LOVE IT: Look at it! It's a chic, minimalist sculpture in miniature.

HOW TO USE IT: Pick out your favorite incense stick, place it in one of the three slots, and light away. And when you’re not burning incense, you can also use it to dry your Konjac sponge, as a ring holder or elevated soap dish.

GOOD TO KNOW: Made in the traditional Nanbu style, which comes from the Northern Tohuku region. We love learning the history and care that goes into pieces like this from cultures all over the world.

DETAILS: Cast iron burner features three holes for mixing or tripling your scent with multiple incense sticks. Measures approximately 6" x 2.4" x 2".

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