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Cleaning Card System

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Download our printable Cleaning Cards to help you divide and conquer cleaning each room of your house. Each cleaning card lists a room, the chores associated with that room, and the approximate time it should take to complete them.

Divy up the cards with your family or pick one based on how much time you have to clean that day. You can even laminate these cards and use dry erase markers to check each box!

Use the custom cards for your own rooms and cleaning tasks. 


PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS: Ensure that Paper Sizing & Handling is on Fit or Fit to Page. Orientation should be set to Auto or Landscape. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Heather Pauley
Basic in the best way!

These cards are wonderful. Simple, straightforward and I don’t feel like I’m being told to clean down to the studs.
These are like a checklist and not a chore sheet.

Stephanie Thompson
Everyday luxury

Just the treat I was looking for. The scents are amazing but, subtle. Design is beautiful.

Christina S Dawson
Very helpful for kids/teens

Having all of the tasks outlined for each room is helpful for getting kids to help contribute.

Jyllian Powers
Worthwhile; Inspires Collaboration

The idea is solid. It simplified the idea of cleaning, making it more inviting. I love the write-up which inspires its usage, like everyone picking a card with clear goals. It could use three changes. One, the timeframes of an hour on the bedroom but only thirty minutes on the bathroom is unrealistic. Next, any interior designer knows you will destroy most drapes trying to wash them regularly, it's unnecessary and should be removed. Lastly, the logo on each card would be nice. Thanks!

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