Creamore Mill

String and Scissors Caddy


WHAT IT IS: A beautiful oak string stand, complete with cooking string and scissors.

WHY WE LOVE IT: You never realize you need string until you don't have it. This adorable oak string stand comes with a bundle of cotton string and matching scissors look great on a shelf, but it's a workhorse. You can use it in the kitchen, garden, for baking, and just around the house. 

HOW TO USE IT: Keep it on your counter and cut a piece of string for anything, from roasting a chicken to tying up a present. 

GOOD TO KNOW: It's indispensable for when you feel like getting your Ina Garten on and decide to roast a whole chicken. 

DETAILS: Made from sustainably sourced English Oak.  

PACKAGING: 7.6 inches high

MATERIALS: Oak, stainless steel, and cotton. 

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