Heaven In Earth

Wooden Scissor Tongs


WHAT IT IS:  A pair of tongs with easy-to-grip scissor handles

WHY WE LOVE IT: These scissor tongs are going to be one of the most-used utensils in your kitchen. The unique handle makes it easy to handle foods, hot or cold, with more control. The minimalist, neutral look of these cute tongs also makes them the perfect addition to your next dinner party or outdoor BBQ.  

HOW TO USE IT: Season it with olive or grapeseed oil before use. Use to serve salads, plop ice into drinks, pick up corn on the cob, or anything else you’re cooking up in the kitchen.  

GOOD TO KNOW: The wood is untreated, so don’t forget that it will change color over time. 

DETAILS: The wood used in this product is FSC, which means it was harvested sustainably from managed forests. 

PACKAGING: 11.2" (28cm) long.

MATERIALS: Natural wood. 

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