Soma 2-Pack Water Filters

Soma 2-Pack Water Filters

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WHAT IT IS: A two-pack of filters for your Soma pitcher.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Because we get delicious tasting tap water when we use these in our Soma pitcher. The filters use activated coconut shells and charcoal to filter out all the stuff that gets in your tap water through the pipes. All that’s left is pure, sweet tasting water. 

HOW TO USE IT: Soak the filter for 15 minutes in cold water, laying flat. Rinse it under running water for 10 seconds before firmly placing it in your pitcher. Put the lid back on, and enjoy your water!

GOOD TO KNOW: These filters are made from 60% plant-based and renewable materials, so you’re minimizing your carbon footprint. 

DETAILS: Each filter lasts two months.

PACKAGING: One pack measures 4.89" L x 2.58" W x 3.17" H.

MATERIALS: Certified sustainable activated coconut shell carbon, ion exchange. Plant-based sugar cane.



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