Photo courtesy of @BurtsBrisPlease

Over the years, I’ve learned a few (hundred) little tricks you can do to refresh your bathroom when you’re living in a rental or when a renovation just isn’t on the cards.

Believe it or not, you can instantly elevate the bathroom with a few key purchases that DO NOT involve painting or rewriting anything. Call it a weekend, mini-reno.

1. Good hand soap & hand cream

This is the most obvious one. Chucking that supermarket grade bottle will immediately lift your sink-side style game. Plus, it’s practical and more hygienic than a gummy bar soap, so no justification required. Boom.

2. A Turkish towel  

Don’t get me wrong, I have deep affinity for terrycloth, but even the best terry towels look tired long before they outlive their usefulness. Don’t throw them out, cover them! I fold a chic Turkish over my aging white terry towels for a fresh look (and to keep the boys from rubbing their skateboard grease all over them). The Turkish towels just get better with age and never stain. I’m all for good-looking problem solvers.

3. A plant or fresh flowers

Never underestimate the power of a potted plant to lift a room. Go for cut fresh flowers or orchids if you have no/low light, a fern if you get sunlight. So cheery (and naturally clears the air)! Ahem.

4. Minimal shampoo + conditioner

Nothing makes a shower look shabby and cluttered like multiple bottles of shampoo + conditioner. If you live with other people, collectively decide on a good one and split the cost. Or…take yours out when you’re done in there and stow it in a caddy under the sink. Whatever gets that shampoo salad out of there.

5. A new bath mitt

I’m not sure who exactly buys those weird nylon netting scrunchie balls at CVS, but it’s never been me. Invest in a chic bath mitt or natural sponge.

This is the easiest bathroom “renovation” you can do, but the minimal cost and effort will pay off big time. #youreworthit