Foot Therapy
Foot Therapy Foot Therapy

Foot Therapy


WHAT IT IS: The ultimate treat for dry feet and cracked heels. They’re a literal “wrap” for an intense and targeted treatment to repair stressed feet while softening and smoothing.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Because we shoved our cracked hooves into these wraps, watched 2 of our favorite shows and emerged with spa-like baby-soft feet. So good!

HOW TO USE IT: Cleanse your feet with warm water and towel dry. Cut the wraps into 2 “socks” and wrap around your feet. Leave on for 1.5 hour and that’s it!

GOOD TO KNOW: Don’t exceed treatment of 90 minutes. After 4-5 days, the dead skin will begin to exfoliate naturally.


Made in Korea.


1 set per package, 40ml/ 1.35fl oz