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Natural Bottle Cleaning Brush


WHAT IT IS:  A natural bristle brush, specially designed to reach into bottles and hard-to-clean areas.

WHY WE LOVE IT: As ever, the right tool makes any job so much easier. This long-bristled brush makes short work of cleaning bottles and champagne flutes. 

HOW TO USE IT: Wet the brush with warm water and squirt Dish Soap onto it, before inserting it in your reusable bottles or other containers. Scrub until clean, remove brush, and rinse. Hang to dry. 

GOOD TO KNOW: This is a fully sustainable and recyclable brush because all of the materials are sourced from the waste of other industries like coconut harvesting.  

DETAILS: 100% biodegradable. When the brush is done, just cut away the coconut bristles and handle, and place them in your compost. The metal wires are safe for recycling, too. 

MATERIALS: Made from waste coconut coir, waste rubberwood, and cotton string.

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